Tips for Making the Most of a Small Space

Most of us at one point or another have lived in a house or apartment that is smaller than ideal. However, just because you are confined to a tiny living space, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t live comfortably! Here are some organizational hacks that will help you make the most of your small apartment or house.

Multi-use Shoe Organizers

Every Target and Walmart sells hanging shoe organizers that you can put over a door to maximize your shoe storage capacity. Using those organizers for shoes can be a great way to create some extra space in your closet however these products can actually be used for more than just your footwear! Hang an organizer on the inside of the door to your water cooler and use that area to store cleaning supplies, and don’t stop there! Hang another organizer on the inside of your pantry door to store some extra canned or jarred goods like green beans or peanut butter to free up some pantry shelf space for other non-perishables.

Corner Shelves

While most small apartments and houses don’t have a ton of open or wall space, they do have plenty of corners. Utilizing those corners by adding some DIY shelves can help you create some extra storage space with the nooks and crannies of your living space that you wouldn’t otherwise be using. Creating floating corner shelves is easier than you would think! All you need to do is nail 2 wooden 1x1s into the corner to act as the supports for the shelves, cut 2 boards in the shape of the corner, stack them above and below the supports, nail them into the supports, and then install a face for the shelves to cover the gap between the boards. Then voila! Easy DIY corner shelves.

Upper Shelf Space

Another space that people tend not to consider when looking for extra storage space in a small apartment is the space above doors. This space usually goes unused but installing a shelf in that area could provide storage space that is both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Counter Space

When living in a small space, a cluttered counter can be a large factor in feeling claustrophobic. By clearing up your counter space around your apartment or house, your space will feel larger and more open. Instead of keeping your spices out on the counter, invest in a spice rack that either hangs above the counter or sits compactly in the corner of your kitchen. Instead of having a produce bowl that sits on your kitchen counter, use a shower caddy to keep your apples and bananas in and hang it on your cabinets. When it comes to freeing up counter space, hanging caddies and shelves will be your best friend!


Did you know that you could be folding your clothes wrong? Instead of folding your clothes in the typical way, try using the Konmari Method of folding. This method can help you free up over 40% of your storage by optimizing the space with specific folding tricks.

Hanging Mason Jars

Go to any dollar store and you can find mason jars galore lining the aisles just waiting to be purchased. Creating aesthetically pleasing storage space doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. Mason jars can be used to store anything from spices to office supplies! There are two very popular ways of creating hanging mason jars; the first way is to nail the lid into the bottom of a kitchen cabinet so the jar can be screwed on and off of the lid for storage and use. The second way is to stick a magnetic strip underneath a shelf and attach a magnet to the tops of the mason jar kids. This way you can hang the jars out of the way and take them down whenever you’d like.

Double Use

The last tip is, don’t be afraid to utilize furniture with double uses. Futons that fold out into beds, coffee tables that double as storage, and pictures that fold down from the wall into tables; these are all fantastic examples of double use furniture. The more things you can combine, the less space you’ll need to store the extra furniture!

If you utilize any of these tips, you will certainly be on your way to a more spacious, less cluttered home, even in small spaces.

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