Top 10 Cutest Cinco De Mayo Crafts

Cinco de Mayo celebrations are fun and festive. So why not spice up festive decorations for this Cinco de Mayo with dazzling DIYs? With so many options, it’s hard to know which ones are the best for you. So we’ve made it a little simpler for you. Here are the top ten cutest Cinco de Mayo DIY crafts for you to try out this year.


  1. Pretty Paper Banners – Tissue paper crafts are thought to be notoriously tricky, but that isn’t always true. With this colorful banner, the celebrations are bound to be lively. In this tutorial you can create a patterned paper banner with as much pizazz as your personality. It’s cute, it’s colorful, and it costs next to nothing. To make this fabulous paper banner, you will need these materials: tissue paper (in as many colors as you’d like), yarn, scissors, and some glue. It’s quick and easy, so you can bring the kids into the crafting fun.

  2. Bright Balloon Ceiling – To create a truly festive display this Cinco de Mayo, why not try the full package? Balloons, ribbons, garland the whole nine yards! In this tutorial you can create this colorful cascade of crafts with ease. Just make sure you have enough time before the party starts to make them all. For this festive display you will need these materials: latex balloons in assorted colors, a helium tank (or a good set of lungs), gold ribbon, papel picado (the DIY above), gold fringe garland, and painter’s tape. 

  3. Pleated Paper “Lollies” – These cute crafts are perfect for setting the table and/or hanging on the wall. Dress up your napkins with a pleated paper flower. Use it as a place card for that large banquet table. It doesn’t matter where you put them or how you use them, these pleated lollies are bound to add to the ambience in the cute department. For this cute craft you’ll need the following materials: cardstock paper (in any color and pattern you wish), a ruler, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a shape hole punch (circular shapes are recommended).

  4. Petite Piñata Hearts – These petite piñata hearts make the nicest little gifts for your guests. Everyone loves a sweet treat, so why not make the experience even more fun? Use these lovely little crafts to grace the table. In place of place cards, try a pretty piñata. What better way to make your guests feel welcome than by gracing them with their own personal package of treats? To make these petite piñata hearts you’ll need these materials: cardboard, tissue/crepe paper in any colors you wish, sweet treats to put inside, scissors, sellotape, glue (all purpose s suggested), ribbon, and glitter (optional). Enjoy!

  5. Cute Cactus “Peeps” – You might think that colorful marshmallows are only an acceptable treat around Easter, but that’s not necessarily true. To make this Cinco de Mayo party lively, grace the snack table with these cute cactus marshmallow treats.To make these cute cactus treats you’ll need these materials and ingredients: half a cup of light corn syrup, one and a half cups of sugar, half a cup of water (add four tablespoons if the mixture isn’t right), four eggs, two tablespoons of gelatin powder, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, green food coloring, edible glitter (optional), a candy thermometer, and a small paint brush.

  6. Prickly Pear Margarita – Be honest, we all like to party and sometimes the party goes better once we’ve relaxed a little. So why not relax with a refreshing cocktail? This prickly pear margarita recipe will work perfectly for the festive occasion. To make these delicious drinks for the adults, you will need these ingredients: six ounces of clear tequila (they suggest Patron), four ounces of Cointreau, four ounces of fresh-squeezed lime juice, two ounces of prickly pear cactus syrup, one ounce of orange juice, salt for the rims of the glasses, and lime wedges to garnish.

  7. Cute Cactus Placeholders – These cactus placeholders are the definition of cute when it comes to crafts. For those of you who like ceramics and clay, this is the craft for you. If you don’t mind getting a little messy, then you can invite the kids to partake in this project too. Plus, you can keep these placeholders to use for another time. To make this adorable decoration you’ll need these supplies: air dry clay, an exacto knife, some safety pins, a bowl of water, tin foil, paint (any colors you wish), and paint brushes.

  8. Super Simple Sombreros – Are you looking for more crafts that are kid friendly? Well, you’re in luck! This sombrero tutorial is super simple! This is the perfect craft to get creative and silly. So if you’re looking for that perfect crafting project with your pint-sized pals, try this one out. All you’ll need to make theses super cute sombreros are: paper plates, scissors, plastic cups, ribbon or yarn, pom-poms, a hot glue gun, a hole punch, and elastic cording. Get to crafting and have fun!

  9. Terrific Tissue Paper Flowers – Tissue paper flowers, considered to be the toughest of paper crafts. -BUT- with this tutorial from, you’ll be able to master the art of tissue paper flowers in no time. Try these tissue paper flowers in any size and color you want. Decorate the walls, mantle, and any other surface you can think of to add a splash of color. To make these fabulous flowers, you will need these materials: tissue paper (obviously), fabric scissors (for easier cutting), ribbon, pipe cleaners, a pair of wire cutters, and double sided tape (stick it to any wall).

  10. Homemade Guacamole and Pico de Gallo – For sumptuous snackage, you’ll need to bust out the classics. Guacamole and Pico de Gallo, who doesn’t love that delicious, dynamic duo? For this double trouble recipe, you will need these ingredients. For the perfect Pico de Gallo, you will need: one tomato (diced), half of an onion also diced (white onions are suggested), lime juice (half a lime is suggested), chopped jalapeños, and chopped cilantro. For the greatest Guacamole, you will need: two large avocados, one quarter of a cup of the already made Pico de Gallo, 1-2 minced garlic cloves, half of a lime, some olive oil, and spices (cumin, salt, any leftover jalapeños).

With all the preparations for this year’s festivities, you can make it  extra special with some crafty creations. So, now you have a little inspiration for how to make this Cinco de Mayo fabulously festive. Share your dazzling decor with friends and family, and liven up this year’s party.

Written by: Ella Ford


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