Top Arts & Crafts Maker: Julie Kindt Studio

Congratulations to Julie Kindt Studio for winning Top Jewelry Maker in the Great American Maker Search presented by ArtFire!

Julie Kindt is truly devoted to her craft of Metal working, and her work is amazing, we think you’ll agree…

Julie Kindt

Julie Kindt set herself apart by gathering her fans for support and showed us her independence and dedication to handmade. She is a Metal Artist from Wisconsin. Most of her pieces are created using reclaimed metal scrap and found objects though she loves working with all kinds of metal. Inspiration for her work comes from her interests in ancient armour, primitive symbols and mythical beasts. All of her work is handmade by her in the U.S. We are truly lucky to have her as part of the ArtFire Handmade community.

Julie created her brand, “Julie Kindt Studio” using her real name because she is proud of what she does and stands behind what she makes.

ArtFire: As a Great Maker, what inspires you to make the amazing things you do?

Julie: History, nature and the old ways of doing things inspire me to create most pieces.

ArtFire: What makes your craft so special, compared to other makers who do the same?

Julie: My work is original and made from scratch. I do a lot of research on how things were done historically and try to be authentic with a modern twist. I love using ancient techniques, patterns and symbols to make my art. I also try to use mostly recyclable and old stock metal in my sculptures. Recycle, Re-use, Re-purpose.

ArtFire: In a few words, tell us what makes you a Great Maker?

Julie: I love creating and being a Maker. I am original. I believe in myself and what I do. Metal is my life.

ArtFire: What advice would you give to someone starting their own handmade business?

Julie: Love what you do and own it. Be true to yourself. Be honest.

    You can learn more about Julie Kindt Studio here. Learn more about our #GreatMakerSearch campaign and nominate or apply for the Great Maker Search.

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  • Reply July 30, 2017

    Honey B

    I really Appreciate Julie’s work and hope that she will get more awards & honor for sure.
    All the best Julie !

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