Top Cleaning Tips for Bedding and Comforters

A clean bed sheet determines the overall look of the room. No matter how beautiful the furniture is and how creative the theme of your room is, the bed sheet gives a put together look as a whole.


Bed sheets and comforters should be attractive to look and complement the entire theme of the room. But above all, they should be CLEAN.


Washing and cleaning of bed sheets can be a challenge because of their increased size. But you can overcome that by using following simple and easy top cleaning tips for bed sheets and comforters. Have a look:

  • Do not wait too long between washes. According to the, an ideal span between washing your bed sheets is two weeks. When you use a bed sheet for a longer period, the sweat stains, and germs accumulate. It will not clean properly if you delay it.
  • Pre-treating the stains is important. If you have stubborn oil stains on your sheets, first clean it. Then wash it. It will make the process easier, and also it will be more to clean it properly. Otherwise, you are likely to miss out a few spots.
  • It is vital to go one by one. It means do not dump your family’s entire bedding all at once. Do not over load your washing machine as it will either show an error or not clean at all. It is better to go in small washing rounds than to do it all again.
  • Watch out on the setting of your washing machine! It is not necessary to go for heavy duty. You should wash your sheets one by one, at a normal setting. Heavy duty can be too harsh, causing the fibers to weaken.
  • It is preferable not to dry your sheets in the washing machine. Use the air dry method. Let it dry outside. If you do not have any proper place for it, dry on a mild setting.
  • Do not go to the ‘hot’ settings. The higher temperatures are more likely to damage the quality of the cloth and its life.
  • Separate by color before washing. If your bed sheet is while and you wash it combined with any other dark color, there is a chance that the shade might wash off and color the light colored sheet. Be careful before than regretting later on!
  • The bed sheets can accumulate germs and hold on to them. Hence keep the sets of your sheets clean and ready. Change them every once a week. It will not only help maintain cleanliness of your room but also help to maintain hygiene and to fight off health threats.
  • Always iron! No matter how neat it looks and even if it does have creases, always ironing it before using. It will help it look more sleek and elegant, but at the same time, it will contribute to killing the left-over germs and the harmful dust mites.

Do you have any tips for cleaning bedding and comforters? Please, let me know!


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