Top Fiber Arts Maker: Reflectionsbyds

Congratulations to Reflectionsbyds for winning Top Fiber Arts Maker in the Great Maker Search presented by ArtFire!

Deniz Kiraz is truly devoted to her craft of Fiber Accessories, and her work is amazing, we think you’ll agree…

Deniz Kiraz

Deniz Kiraz set herself apart by having her fans for support and showed us her independence and dedication to handmade. She is a Fiber Artist fromTurkey. She passionate about knitting, crocheting and sewing and is more than happy to see that other people love her work. Her mother, as retired teacher, encouraged her to make what she loves and they work together. Her and her mother begin each day with new energy and new ideas. All of her work is handmade by her in Turkey, and we are truly lucky to have her as part of the ArtFire Handmade community.

Deniz Kiraz’s Mother

Deniz’s brand DS are the initials from her and her mother’s names. Reflectionsbyds/their work reflects their line of vision to life.

ArtFire: As a Great Maker, what inspires you to make the amazing things you do?

Deniz: After i discovered the ”handmade” world on internet, i quit my job and i changed my life completely. So began a new period for my life. We are inspired by the beauty of the nature mostly. For example we love to use the combinations of colors we see daily in the nature.

Reflectionsbyds Workspace

ArtFire: What makes your craft so special, compared to other makers who do the same?

Deniz: Most of our items are designed by us and they all are handmade (produced at home). Therefore they are unique.

Reflectionsbyds Workspace

ArtFire: In a few words, tell us what makes you a Great Maker?

Deniz: We are more than happy to see us as winner of the Great Maker Search.

Owl Mittens

ArtFire: What advice would you give to someone starting their own handmade business?

Deniz: Do not be afraid to do what you love. Own handmade business means hard work, courage, patience and again hard work :), but it is a great gift if you can live your passion.


You can learn more about Reflectionsbyds here.

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