Top Fine Art Maker: STAIN

Congratulations to STAIN for winning Top Fine Arts Maker in the 2017 Great Maker Search presented by ArtFire!

The Artist behind STAIN is truly devoted to their craft of Fine Art, and their work is amazing, we think you’ll agree…

The Artist behind STAIN set themselves apart by having their fans for support and showed us their independence and dedication to handmade. STAIN is a Fine Artist from ArtFire’s home town of Tucson, Arizona. They are passionate about creating and painting, and is more than happy to see that other people love their work. Everything inspires them, but it’s the lack of money and supplies that inspire them to use what they have to be able to create when they am inspired, and we are truly lucky to have them as part of the ArtFire Handmade community.

A local Tucson Artist, STAIN uses the supplies they are able to get to create their stunning artwork. STAIN applied to the Great Maker Search in hopes of sharing their work and getting more online exposure. They feel it is difficult to spread the word about your art and yourself as an artist without seeming like you’re trying to brag or spamming people.   We think their work speaks for itself and are happy to share it with out artisan community. There is something incredibly unique and has that handmade quality about using materials available to them instead of spending large amounts of money on paint and supplies.

STAIN has a motto in their shop that seems to sum up who they are as an artist:

I create, therefore I am.

We believe a lot of artists and makers feel this way, which is a large part of why we created the Great Maker Search.

Here are some of their interests:

Art, painting, sculpture, junk art, found art, re-purpose, re-cycle, re-use, used, upcycle, green, people

STAIN’s work can be found in galleries around Tucson, and you can follow their work online:


You can learn more about STAIN here.

Learn more about our #GreatMakerSearch campaign and nominate or apply for the Great Maker Search.


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