Top Fine Arts Maker: CaronArtGlass

Congratulations to CaronArtsGlass for winning Top Fine Arts Maker in the Great American Maker Search presented by ArtFire!

Michelle Caron is truly devoted to her handicraft of fused glass sculpture, tableware, decor and more! Her work is one of a kind and we think you’ll agree.

Michelle Caron in her studio

Michelle Caron in her studio

Michelle set herself apart by gathering her fan base for support and showed us her independence and dedication to handmade. She has a small studio in Kane’ohe, Hawaii and has been creating with glass for 20 years. You could say she’s got a passion for it. Working with glass offers Michelle challenges and discoveries with each new project. gms-fineart-badge
The art I create expresses what is important about hand made. It is small scale, deliberate, and unique. My pieces allow me to share my passion with others.
Three part sculpture on marble base

Three part sculpture on marble base

ArtFire: As a Great Maker, what inspires you to make the amazing things you do?

Michelle: Glass is such an amazing material to work with and each project open new avenues to explore. Fused glass allows for a lot of experimentation and each time I open the kiln it’s a bit like seeing what’s under the Christmas tree. Hawaii is an amazing source of inspiration. The landscape, culture, and traditions offer so many sparks that I rarely feel at a loss for ideas. Right now I’m working on a piece inspired by a type of Japanese textile called sashiko- a dense everyday type of weave often worn by laborers.

Fused glass sun catcher

ArtFire: What makes your craft so special, compared to other makers who do the same?

Michelle: One of the techniques that I’m very drawn to is glass raking. I enjoy creating my own glass by heating colors to near molten and then raking across the surface. The process creates color modulations, combinations and forms that are amazing. I then use this glass in a variety of projects from sculptures and wall art to table ware and jewelry. The raked glass makes each piece truly unique.

After Midnight – Fused Glass Sculpture

Pele’s Thumb Print – fused glass bottle stoppers

ArtFire: In a few words, tell us what makes you a Great Maker?

Michelle: The art I create expresses what is important about handmade. It is small, deliberate, and unique. My pieces allow me to share my passion with others.

Fused glass ceiling lamp

Fused glass ceiling lamp

You can learn more about Michelle and her background with fused glass here.

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