Top Jewelry Maker: AyaDesigns

Congratulations to AyaDesigns for winning Top Jewelry Maker in the Great American Maker Search presented by ArtFire!

Aya Turner is truly devoted to her craft of jewelry making, and her work is amazing, we think you’ll agree…

Aya Turner set herself apart by gathering her fans for support and showed us her independence and dedication to handmade.  Every one of her items is created by her!  We are truly lucky to have her as part of the ArtFire Handmade community. gms-jewelry-badgeAyaDesigns  

AyaDesigns is a member of The Artisan Group.  She has “designed custom pieces for exclusive collaborative gift bags prepared for Hollywood celebs including Tyra Banks, Amy Poehler, Mariska Hargitay, Brandi Glanville and Stephanie Drapeau!  AyaDesigns jewelry has also been gifted at the MTV Movie Awards.”

AF:  What inspires you to make what you do?

Aya:  Brides, little girls, Moms, friends are my inspiration when I find beautiful stones and findings.  I love being creative and pleasing people. It’s so rewarding to see smiles and seeing pictures of friends, clients, brides and anyone who loves pretty adornments!
AF:  What makes what you do special?
Aya:  I don’t know if it’s special but loving what I do is what inspires me.  Nature inspires me!
AF:  In a few words tell us what makes you a perfect match for the Great Maker Search?
Aya:  I’m devoted to my craft.  I’m a perfectionist and will always back my designs 100%.  I want to create beautiful affordable jewelry using the best quality stones, findings and workmanship.  I know many other crafters, designers, artisans just like me so the fact that ArtFire is dedicating itself to showcasing us is incredibly rewarding!

Double Strand Magenta Wine Coin Pearls and Pink Pearls Necklace

Purple Enamel and Pale Lavender Crystals Flower Stretch Cocktail Ring


Red Coral Chips, Red Branch Coral and Black Stick Coral Necklace

I’m an Army Brat who was born in France to a U.S. Dad and French Mom.  I grew up in Europe and Turkey and was lucky enough to have traveled all over the world.  I still love the traveling and seeing the fashions and styles of other countries…which I love incorporating into my ‘style.’
Read more about Aya in her Bio and keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Update from Aya:
The contest was fun on my end as it helped me engage fans and customers on my Facebook page. I routinely posted reminders to vote which in turn prompted friends and fans to post the link to my ArtFire website on their pages…I noticed an uptick in views and garnered a few more fans (nearly 1700 now on Facebook!). I encourage anyone thinking of participating to do so. It cost you nothing but a little time but the rewards are views and potential new shoppers. As a result of my win, which I also bragged about I got 2 new sales from new customers. I’ve promised my current customers a sale so they are sitting tight! The best advice I can give anyone is to not be shy about self-promotion. You work hard on your craft so be proud of that! Shameless self promotion gets visibility. And if you don’t have a Facebook biz page I highly encourage you to open one. I use Twitter and Instagram also but Fb really is my niche.

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