Top Jewelry Maker: BeadsArt Jewelry

Congratulations to BeadsArt Jewelry for winning Top Jewelry Maker in the Great American Maker Search presented by ArtFire!

Rena Essa is truly devoted to her craft of jewelry making, and her work is amazing, we think you’ll agree…

Rena Essa

Rena Essa set herself apart by gathering her fans for support and showed us her independence and dedication to handmade.  Every one of her items is created by her!  We are truly lucky to have her as part of the ArtFire Handmade community.  She is based about an hour from the beach in Oakton, Virginia, where she has gathered much of her inspiration for her diverse handmade jewelry designs over the last five years.

Rena created her brand, “BeadsArt Jewelry” as a way to express her mind.  Working with beads has allowed her create something artistic and beautiful out of all of life’s encounters that can be passed on for others to admire and enjoy.


ArtFire: As a Great Maker, what inspires you to make the amazing things you do?

Rena:  Any and every positive emotion in my life inspires me to make the pieces of jewelry that I do: my family, my friends, the sea, crystals and just the beauty of nature itself.  There is just something about working with beads that I cannot explain.  They just make me feel better every time I work with them.

ArtFire: What makes your craft so special, compared to other makers who do the same?

Rena: This is my true passion, and I put my whole heart into it.  I work very intricately to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that people will want to wear.  One thing that sets my work apart from other jewelry makers is that I try to create very beautiful, distinctive pieces suitable for every occasion in life.  I make everything from rings, bracelets, and necklaces to earrings, bookmarks, metal bags and more.  I work with high quality materials to insure longevity in all of my pieces.

ArtFire: In a few words, tell us what makes you a Great Maker?

Rena: Every piece of jewelry that I make is made entirely with love.  I am a hard worker and am constantly pushing myself to learn new techniques.  I create special designs using high quality products.  I create very diversely to make designs that are compatible with all tastes and styles.

You can learn more about Rena and shop her jewelry here.

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Top Jewelry Maker: Rena Essa

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