Top Ten Back-to-School DIY Crafts

It’s that time of year again. Summer vacation has ended and your little ones are off to school for the new term.  Which means you’ll be up to your neck in school supplies. Backpacks, notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, rulers, calculators, binders, lunchboxes, new clothes; back-to-school shopping can be so overwhelming that you forget what to do by the time school starts. So we’ve compiled this short list to help you and your little ones out. Here are ten easy, back-to-school DIYs that you can use throughout the school year.

1. Ear-Bud Holder

  For those long rides on the bus or for the times when after school clubs are a little slow, the first thing your little one is going to do is reach for those earbuds. However, once they reach into their bag they find their beloved earbuds are twisted in a knot so tight they need a pair of pliers to break it up. So, why not help them out a bit by giving them a place to store their earbuds? You can make one just like this out of mint container and some colorful paper! To make this darling little life saver you will need these materials: mod podge, scrapbook paper, scissors, and a mint container.

2. Pencil Pouch 

  It’s hard to find a durable pencil case. Often times pencil cases can tear or the zippers break off, or, your little one may not like the options they have at the store. They don’t want a boring pencil case, nor do they want the same pencil case that twenty of their classmates have. How can you avoid these problems? Well, you can make your own pencil case, one that will surely last. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler to make one! All you’ll need are these materials: felt, a template (either a print out or your own design), scissors, thread, a zipper, and a pen for tracing. Follow the instructions in this tutorial and you can make this adorable pouch in 15 minutes.

3. Homemade Bookmark 

  If you’ve got an avid reader in your family, then give a great gift to your little bookworm. Help them keep track of the amazing worlds they enter in one page. It’s another easy crafting project to undertake. To make these wonderful bookmarks you will need the following materials: decorative paper, scissors, stickers (optional), glue, a paper cutter, a corner punch, a hole punch, yarn and twine, a laminator and sheets (also optional).

4. Handy Homework Station 

  There will be days when your little one needs a push to focus on their homework. Or, on the other hand, they might be in disarray at the dining table when they unzip that backpack and start working. So help them out by creating a designated study space for them and be creative with it! Personalize this space so that they can feel comfortable and ready to go. Though you can get as creative as you want to make this study space, there are a few basic pieces you’ll need to create this space: a home office storage system, home office supplies (pens, paper, etc.), and something decorative (fabric, paper, stickers). Most importantly, have fun!

5. Customized Notebook Cover 

  Not everyone is satisfied with the cover art of store-bought notebooks, even if they have an intricate design. So why settle? The next time you go out and buy a notebook, look for crafting supplies to help you spice it up and make it more personal. There are endless options out there. You can paint it. You can make it sparkle. You can even make your own hand-drawn design! All you have to do is determine what you want your notebook to look like and everything else will fall into place. There are dozens of tutorials out there for you to follow to customize your notebook, here is one of them. All you’ll need for this DIY project is: a notebook (obviously), a spray bottle, acrylic paint, water, and rubbing alcohol. In 25 minutes your notebook will go from looking drab to fab!
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6. Pencil Toppers 

  A bit impractical but always popular, pencil toppers are a wonderful way to add some pizazz to those boring, everyday pencils. These adorable decorative toppers are easy to make, in fact, you could probably make them in less than five minutes. Seriously, it’s that easy! All you’ll need to make this adorable little pencil decoration are these materials: colored felt, scissors, a template shape, thread (preferably the same color as the felt), and a black sharpie. Give your pencils some character. Make them silly, make them sassy, make them speak for themselves!

7. Ombre On-Task Calendar 

  It can be hard to stay on track and the school year is fraught with frustration. Concentration is lost, homework is hard, chores are tiresome; a kid might not know where to start once a busy day presents itself. So help them out a little in obtaining some organizational skills. This ombre chore calendar can help them accomplish all the tasks ahead of them and save you the trouble of picking up the slack. The trouble of getting your child to do their chores and homework will son be a thing of the past. To make this handy little helper, you will need these materials: a picture frame, sheets of cardstock, washi tape, a paper trimmer, command stris (preferably damage free), command hooks, letter blocks, markers, and anything else you want to use to decorate.

8. Duct Tape Locker Pockets 

  If you’ve got a middle or high schooler in your family, chances are they’re going to have a locker. You’ve got the lock, the number, the code for the lock; but aside from those essentials your teen will want to find a way to make this locker theirs. Instead of having to stare at a boring, rusty, old locker; help them give it some style and some function as well. With these duct tape locker pockets, you can help your teen keep all their odds and ends in one place, as well as help them showcase their unique style. Trust us, they’ll be thankful for it. To make this handy locker storage, you will need the following materials: duct tape, a detail knife, scissors, and a cutting mat.

9. Customized Flash Drive Bracelet 

  It’s easy to lose flash drives at school and at home, especially when you have multiple flash drives that all look the same. It’s even more frustrating to remember if certain files are on certain flash drives, only to find out that they’re not. So cut down on the frustration with flash drives by customizing one to stand out. In fact, make it easy to find and use by wearing it as a bracelet! You’ll never have to worry about losing another flash drive, ever again. To make this life saver accessory, you will need these materials: embroidery thread (12m is recommended), flexible cardboard, duct tape, super glue, and a flash drive

10. Colorful Polka Dot Pencils

  Also referred to as confetti pencils, these adorable pencils are an easy way to add some flare to those every-day school supplies. Though store pencils can be just as exciting, stylistically, they can be somewhat expensive. A pack of regular No. 2 pencils may be $2.99 and the decorated pack next to it will be $10.99. Some people even claim that certain pencils are as high as twenty dollars in the store. There is a much cheaper way to get beautiful looking pencils and being under budget for this new school year. To make these polka dot pencils you will need these materials: pencils, white spray paint, painter’s tape, hole reinforcement labels, colored acrylic paints, and paintbrushes.

Back to school shopping is tough, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating or stress-inducing. So skip the crowds in the back-to-school aisle. Avoid the long lines at the checkout. You can make and improve most of these back-to-school items yourself. In fact, why not ask your kids to join in on the crafting fun? Gather them around the dining table or the kitchen counter and let them personalize their own school supplies. After all, they are the experts when it comes to their aesthetic. At the end of the day, it’s another bonding experience, and one more happy memory to add to the collection. After all, they won’t be kids forever, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Written by: Ella Ford

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