Top Ten DIY Gardening Ideas

Gardening season is upon us and with it comes great ideas and great challenges. It doesn’t matter if you live on a large property or if you live in a small apartment, you can join in on the gardening fun and make something truly incredible. So whether you’re looking for tips and tricks to keep your garden growing or you’re looking for ideas to add some style and flare to your garden, you can find inspiration in these ten DIY gardening tutorials. These tutorials cover a variety of skill levels, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a gardening novice or a gardening pro. You can find whatever you’re looking for, simply from these top ten tutorials.

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  1. Egg-Shell Planting Pot – If you’re looking to grow but you don’t have a yard to grow anything in, you can make your own row of tiny growing potted plants with empty egg shells! This is ideal for growing your own herbs and spices for cooking as well as small vegetables and fruits. For those of you living in an apartment or a house with not a lot of yard space, this is an ideal alternative option for you to get in on the gardening game. To make this handy miniature potting plot, you will need these materials: eggshells, an egg carton, potting soil, seeds, a thick sewing needle, and a measuring cup (or spoon for scooping).
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  3. Mason Jar Hanging Lights – Are you looking to add a little more light to your outdoor space but you don’t want to use conventional electric lights? Well instead of a string of LEDs you can use a string of mason jar tea lights. Not only are these easy to make, but they also add some style to your outdoor entertaining spaces. They’re easy to light and also easy to clean after each use. To make these festive mason jar tea lights, you will need these materials: mason jars, tea lights, a strong hole punch, and chains (about the length of a necklace).
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  5. Homemade Weed Killer Spray – If you’ve got a weed problem and none of the store bought weed killers are doing the trick, then why not make your own weed killer from ingredients you have at home? You can make this weed killer easily, and all you need are three ingredients to make it. Seriously, it’s that easy! Not only is is easy and cheap to make but it’s also highly effective in keeping those nasty weeds at bay. To make this effective weed killer, you will need these materials: a spray bottle, 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1/2 cup of salt, and a small amount of dish soap (no more than 2-3 drops).
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  7. Wine Cork Garden Markers – If you plan on gardening more than just a couple of squash, you’re going to want to have your plants well marked. So to keep your basil, mint, and cilantro apart with wine cork garden markers. They’re quick and easy to make. Plus, all you’ll need to prep for this craft are some bottles of wine. So pop open the champagne and toast to the future of your garden. To make this easy garden marker, you will need the following materials: wine corks, sharpie, and wooden dowels (toothpicks and chopsticks work as substitutes)

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  9. Hanging Colander Baskets – Hanging plants are a beautiful addition to any household, both indoors and outdoors. However, you might be underwhelmed by your choices when it comes time to pick out your hanging baskets. You want something sturdy, that is true, but you also want something to highlight the appeal of your garden. With these vintage colander hanging baskets, you can keep your flowers growing strong and in style. All you’ll need to make this beautiful basket, are these materials: a colander, spray paint (optional), a strong chain, and a place to put them.
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  11. Homemade Stepping Stones – Stepping stones, the corner stone of outdoor walkways, pathways, and fun projects with the kids! You may think you need to go to a pottery class in order to make one of these, but you don’t! In fact, you can make beautiful stepping stones with an item typically found in your kitchen, a cake pan. How cool is that?! To make these adorable homemade stepping stones, you will need these materials: a round non-stick cake pan, vaseline, contact paper, concrete, marine varnish glass gems, mosaic tiles, and a mosaic glass cutter. It’s also important that you take some safety measures for this project so we recommend you acquire these items as well: safety goggles, a dust mask (painter’s mask also works), and heavy duty rubber gloves. Make sure that children are under proper supervision for this project.
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  13. Backyard Butterfly Feeder – If you happen to live an area where butterflies flutter by, then perhaps it’s time you look into installing butterfly feeders in your backyard. They make a wonderful addition to your garden and they keep those beautiful butterflies full of life. Help them out with their food supply and they’ll help you out with brightening your day. To make this backyard butterfly feeder, you will need these materials: a jar or plastic container, twine (or thin rope), hot glue, a hot glue gun, a sponge, sugar and water for the nectar solution.
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  15. Table Top Fire Pit – There’s nothing more wonderful than getting a group of friends to come over and gather around a late night fire. But what if you don’t have a fire pit? You can make your own! Well, at least, you can make a smaller version of one and plonk it right on top of the table. It’s a wonderful addition to keeping the night alive and the company warm. To make this amazing conversation starter, you will need these following materials: fire glass, a terracotta flower bowl, Sterno clean burning gel and/or Food Safe Sterno burning gel (for roasting marshmallows).
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  17. ChalkBoard Planters – With the multitude of stylish planters and garden beds out there, sometimes it helps to dust off and spruce up the classics. Nothing could be more classic than a chalkboard planter. It’s simplicity in style only adds to its character and elegance. So when the garden seems too surreal, return to the basics with one of these chalkboard planters. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor purposes. To make this clever chalkboard planter, you will need these materials: a stencil (folkart stencil optional), regular exterior paint, chalkboard paint, a sponge brush, terracotta pots, Mod Podge Sealant (gloss), spray adhesive, and chalk. Additional links to purchasing materials are provided in the tutorial.
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  19. Handy Planting Seed Tape – Come spring time, you’ve already given thought to what you’re going to plant and where you’re going to plant it. Now comes the anticipated moment, planting your beautiful little seeds. Of course, you’re not quite sure what the outcome will be and you want to make sure that everything is perfect from start to finish. So how do you do it? How do you achieve perfection from the first step out? Well, you could start with making your own seed tape. It’s the perfect way to ensure your beautiful babies will sprout perfectly from the get-go. To make this handy little helper, you will need the following materials: white party streamers, a measuring tape or ruler, a marker, seeds, cornstarch glue (recipe provided in tutorial), and a small paint brush for adhesive application.
  20.   Spring is here at last and it’s time to start planting that garden. So break out the wheelbarrow, the flower pots, the seed packets, and the gardening shears-and get to it! With these simple gardening tutorials your garden is sure to grow in strength and in style. You can find additional inspiration in the links provided below. Be sure to check out the other tutorials these websites have to offer. You’ll find some great inspiration and helpful tips and tricks! We guarantee it! Happy gardening everybody!
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