Top Ten DIY Summer Accessories

Summertime is here again, which means high heat, sunny days, and fabulous fashion. You’ve got your sun dresses, your t-shirts, and your beach sandals; so what could be missing? How about those cute summer accessories? With summer merchandise hitting stores soon, you might find exactly what you’re looking for to add a touch of summer flare to your entire wardrobe, or, you might be underwhelmed by your choices. If that’s the case, then why not invest in making some of your own summer accessories? Trust us, you can make far more than just jewelry. In fact, with these top ten tutorials, you can make anything you want. You can make everything from tote bags, to colorful shoes, to stunning sun hats!

Seashell Hair Pins

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– When going out for dip in the pool or sunbathing on the beach, take some of the beautiful scenery of the ocean with you through hair accessories. These clever seashell hair pins are a great way to add style to your look as well as keeping those stray hairs out of your face. These hairpins can be made to look delicate or made to look ornate, it’s up to you to decide how to design them. To make these beach perfect hair pins, you will need these materials: shells (nothing larger than a quarter), hairpins, 2-Part Epoxy, and nail polish (optional).

Watermelon Handbag

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– Come summertime, you’ll want to be able to keep all of your summer essentials in one place and the best place to keep them in is a handbag. Sure, you could go to a department store and pick out a beige handbag for seventy dollars, but where is the fun in that? You want your bag to stand out, to make a statement. Well, you’ll certainly make a statement with this watermelon slice handbag. It’s as easy to make as it is eye catching. To make this delicious hand bag, you will need the following: 1/2 yard of red vinyl (metallic/crackled), 1/4 yard of green vinyl (metallic/crackled), 1/4 yard white vinyl (pebbled), 9 black buttons (16L/10mm), 2 D-Rings (O-Rings optional substitute), a metal chain (1 1/2 yards long), and 1 black zipper (at least 12” long).

Ombre Flower Sunglasses

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– When the summer sun gets too intense, it’s time to reach for your sunglasses. However, if you’re with a large group of people or you’re spending time with the family, you might forget which pair is your pair. So many sunglasses look alike, so help yourself out a bit by giving yours a little flare. With these ombre flower sunglasses, you can be sure you’ll never have another sunglass mix up again. Add a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe with these flower sunglass designs. To make these stylish sunglasses you will need these materials: a pair of sunglasses, a hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, scissors, and plastic flower beads (either from jewelry or from a package).

Easy to Braid Bracelets

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– When it comes to summer jewelry, the simpler the better. Ornate jewelry can be too distracting, not to mention it can cause some serious discomfort in the hot summer sun. So skip the drama of having your bangles stick to you and make a simple braided bracelet. They add a touch of color to very outfit and they always keep you looking classic. To make this simply chic accessory, you will need the following materials: 2 leather cord strips, jump rings, a clasp, and a flat nose plier.

Sprinkle Shoes

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– Tennis shoes are the classic choice when it comes to summer footwear but sometimes they can be a bit boring. So instead of settling for a pair of plain yellow or plain blue tennis shoes, pick out the white pair to take home and decorate. These sprinkle shoes are an excellent choice for the summertime, especially on those trips to the ice cream shop. To make these sweet treat kicks, you will need these materials: plain white sneakers, multi-surface paint (the tutorial recommends DecoArt Americana), an angled paint brush, and a plastic paint tray.

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Summer Tote Bag

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  – For a day at the beach, it helps to bring along a sturdy tote bag. You might not think that you could easily make one at home, but you can! In fact, “HelloMaphie” has an amazing video tutorial you can watch to make it. Follow the directions in this video step-by-step and you will have made your own tote bag. It’s easy to make and it costs less than buying one at a department store. To make this wonderful tote, you will need the following materials: fabric cloth (muslin or linen should work), fabric shears, fabric glue, fabric dye, iron on letter transfers, and an iron.

Embroidered Sun Hat

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  – To keep your eyes from seeing to much sun, sunglasses alone may not do. You may need to invest in a sun hat. Sun hats are wonderful way to accessorize. They’re fun, a bit on the floppy side, and always bright. Why not add to their style by embroidering them with flowers or words? You can easily add any decoration to them through embroidery. This tutorial can show you how. To make this stunning addition to your sun hat, you will need these materials: a sun hat, ribbon or embroidery floss, a plastic yarn needle, a fabric marker or pencil, and scissors.

Embroidered Aztec Necklace

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  – Keeping with the embroidery theme, we found some other neat embroidery projects for the more advanced crafter. In particular, this aztec embroidered necklace is a wonderful accessory project to undertake for those of you who possess skill with a needle and thread. Of course, this tutorial is still easy to follow. All you’ll have to do is follow the design given in the tutorial. To make this gorgeous embroidered necklace, you will need the following materials: embroidery thread, canvas (or any other strong fabric to use as a base), a strong needle, two jump rings, a sheet of felt, and a chain (large enough to drape around your neck).

Fabric Converse Accents

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  – When your converse or other tennis shoes are looking less than their best, it may be time to spruce them up with some interesting accent colors. Your choices are endless when it comes to picking fabrics of different colors and patterns, so get creative! You can even cut your accent fabric into different shapes like flowers or animals. The choice is yours, just remember to pick your fabric wisely. To spruce up your converse or other tennis shoes, you will need the following materials: a pair of converse, fabric of your choice (preferably a light knit or cotton), fabric glue, a paintbrush (for adhesive application), and scissors.

Fabulous Flower Crown

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  – Flower crowns are a popular trend for teenagers and young adults. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t join in on the fun too. Not only are they lovely to look at but they’re also easy to make. In fact, you can make one in less than ten minutes. It’s that easy! To make one of these fabulous flower crowns, you will need the following materials: wire or fabric (for the base of the crown), fake flowers (this includes petals and leaves of your choosing), floral tape, scissors, flat nose pliers, and ribbons for decorating (optional). There are endless ideas for you to draw inspiration from.
  As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own summer accessories. In fact, they’re so endless, we’ve included five additional links to multiple tutorials at the bottom of this page. Just from these five alone, there are 60+ tutorials you can follow and ideas you can look to for inspiration. So keep cool this summer with an ice cream cone and some cool accessories. (Psst! You should totally check out the fruit slice umbrellas. They’re absolutely adorable!)
Written by: Ella Ford

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