Top Ten Gifts to Give This Mother’s Day

This year Mother’s Day falls on May 14th, and for those of you who didn’t know that, don’t worry we had to google it ourselves. You love your mother (hopefully), and you want to show her just how much she means to you. So instead of getting her a box of chocolate or a bouquet of flowers, show that special woman in your life just how much you appreciate everything she has done for you with a unique, handmade Mother’s Day gift this year? So whether you want to make her something special or you want to find a unique handmade gift online, take a look at these top ten gift ideas for some inspiration. Hey, it’s the least you can do for the one who gave you life. Be honest, she won’t ever let you forget it, will she?

  1. A Crocheted Hammock – Your mother works hard. She’s worked hard to provide for you your whole life. So why not help her to relax with a handmade crocheted hammock? This is the perfect gift to give for the average working mother. When she needs to unwind, having a soft hammock in a relaxing place will do wonders for her. So help her to destress and enjoy the beautiful sunny, summer day with a handmade crocheted hammock. You can make it yourself if you’d like or you can buy one online. It’s a nice gesture and it shows that you care about her mental health as much as you care about your own.

  2. A Monogrammed Recipe Box – Does your mother enjoy cooking or baking? Do you see her constantly writing down recipes and looking for new ones on the internet? Does she like to experiment with new flavors and exotic dishes? Well that makes one of us. Hey there ma! Why not satisfy your mother’s culinary needs with a personalized, monogrammed recipe box? It’s the perfect place for her to store those timeless family recipes and the experimental ones in a safe place. So give a gift that can keep on giving, long after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner are over. Who knows? She might even use it to pull out all the stops for a posh dinner party? Plus, it’ll make a great family heirloom, all that history in one simple little box.

  3. Handmade/DIY Lipstick Holder – If your mother is anything like this writer’s mother, then she has a lot of lipstick. In fact, she has almost every color of the rainbow in lipstick form. With all those lipstick tubes, it’s now wonder her makeup drawer is such a mess. So why not help her out with a handmade lipstick holder? What’s really special about this gift is that not only can you purchase handmade ones online, but you can also make one fairly easily. No, you do not have to be a master carpenter in order to make one. You can make one fairly easily out pvc pipe, some paint, and the small twirl of a personal touch. It’ll help keep those lipstick tubes in a more organized and easily accessible format. It might also provide your mother some perspective into how many lipsticks she should hold onto (hint-hint).

  4. Capture the Moment Candle – Framed photos are one thing, scrapbooks another, but the ultimate gift worth a thousand words is a photographic candle. Now, don’t get excited, we haven’t reached the age of technology where the candle projects a photograph in the form of a hologram. This candle merely has a copy of the photograph glued to its side. Still, it’s a lovely, quirky idea. Wrap a favorite memory of you and her around a lovely, scented candle. If you really want to get creative, paste multiple photos on the candle’s surface to show the abundance of love you have for your mother. It’s shabby chic and easy to make.

  5. Handmade Comfy and Cozy Slippers – Continuing on the theme of relaxation, it’s a good idea to provide your beloved mother with a side of cozy and extra comfy. Soft slippers can do just that! There are plenty of slipper choices out there for you to browse through. We’d like to highlight a particular seller on ArtFire’s marketplace for a moment, “EvasStudio” has some of the cutest and comfiest crocheted slippers to choose from. They’re stylish, they’re well-made, and they’re reasonably priced. The gift of walking on clouds and/or resting those tired feet on an elevated surface is a welcome one, so do your mother a favor and help her ease those sore feet.

  6. Check out ArtFire’s

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  7. A Quick-Start Gardening Kit – Maybe your mother has a bit of a green thumb? Does she want to plant those azaleas she keeps talking about? Does she just want a small garden to grow those beloved herbs in, like mint and basil? Well, you can help her get that little dream project started with a personalized quick-start gardening kit. You can fill it with all sorts of tools she’ll need to create that growing little patch out front. For an optimal gardening kit we suggest you find these items to include: a packet of seeds, a hand trowel, fork, gardening gloves, pruners, and a small watering can. Your mother’s green thumb may reap in more of the good stuff than you know. Your love for your mother has roots as strong as the oldest tree, after all.

  8. Don’t Whine About it “Wine” About it – Wine, what a wonderful gift to give. Wine is perfect for all occasions and for all recipients, well almost all of them. You could get your mother a nice vintage Pinot Noir but why not make it really special? Give her a wine rack! It doesn’t matter whether she’s had a long day or she’s ready to celebrate the day that’s all about her, wine will be her drink of choice. It’s as smooth and sophisticated as she is. So provide her with more than just one wine option by giving her a gorgeous and most importantly, durable, wine rack that will house all of her favorite wines. She had to hear you whine about the things you wanted in life, now it’s her turn to get her wine on.

  9. Handmade Jewelry – Yes, we know this is a bit of a no brainer, but you would surprised at how many people don’t think of buying unique jewelry to give as a gift. We’re not suggesting you go and buy a heart shaped locket that has your mother’s name on it. We’re suggesting that you find unique jewelry pieces that you know your mother will like. If your mother likes seahorses, look for a seahorse pendant necklace. If she likes flowers, go and out and find a beautiful flower bracelet. If your mother is a bit more edgy, see if you can find a leather choker that she’ll like. This is where you can find a gift that’s as unique as your mother. Make it personal and get creative with your options. You’ll find plenty of unique handmade jewelry amongst Artfire’s sellers. All you have to do is look. Who knows? You may even find something for you in the process (wink).

  10. Marvelous Marbled Mugs – This is an amazing DIY gift to give this Mother’s Day. It’s super easy to make a marbled mug. All you need to make it is nail polish, in any color/colors you wish and water. Really, it’s that simple! So grab some nail polish, fill a baking tray with water and get messy! Get creative the kinds of colors you use. Your mother is unique, so her gift should be just as cool and different as she is. There are several tutorials that you can follow online. We suggest you follow these two: and They have great instructions on how to create this marble effect look and they also suggest where you can find the coolest nail polish colors. You may even try this on your own dishware.  

  11. A Handmade Card – You may laugh, but the loveliest gift you can give to your mother is a thoughtful, handmade card. Taking the time into making a card with a special message brings tears to the eyes. Your mother has done a lot for you in your life. She’s made sacrifices for you. She’s been there when you needed someone to lift you up when you were down. She’s given you more advice than the most respectable therapists in the world. You can express your love and gratitude for her with your words. So why not use that to your advantage. Make a card. Leave a thoughtful message inside, but don’t forget, the most powerful message you can convey to your mother is “Thank you.” Be sure to let her know just how thankful you are. If you want tips on how to make precise, perfect paper masterpieces, you can follow these simple tutorials, listed in the links at the end of this article.

Mothers everywhere, we want to thank you for everything you do. You are the role models we look up to. You are the councillors we turn to in our hours of need. You are the ones who never give up on us. So this Sunday, May, 14th – we celebrate you. We raise our glasses and toast to your courage, kindness, and compassion. Ladies and gentlemen, give the gifts that will better your mothers’ lives. Show them just how much you love them. If you don’t want to follow this particular list and are looking for more inspiration, you can find some external sites at the bottom of the page. You can also check out the Artfire Pinterest account and look for the board entitled “Gifts for Mom on Artfire.” You can also check our additional social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter for more Mother’s Day ideas. Happy Mother’s Day dear mothers!  

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Written by: Ella Ford


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