Top Thirteen Gifts to Give This Father’s Day

Father’s day is right around the corner, June 18th to be exact, and you want to get him something really special. Instead of getting him a five dollar mug that says, “World’s Best Dad,” get him something a little more unique. We all know all of the dad’s in the world are the world’s best dads in their kids’ eyes. That being said, it feels like there aren’t a lot of gifts that capture of the essence of everything your dad is, everything that he has done for you and your family. Since it doesn’t seem like enough to just say “I love you,” we’ve put together a list of potential gift ideas to help you honor your dad this father’s day. Without further adieu, here are thirteen handmade and DIY gifts that you can give to the world’s best dad.

  1. Handmade Business Card Case – Your father is a working man and he always manages to find plenty of work that needs to be done. So help him out a little bit by giving him a handmade business card case. The nicest thing about this gift is that it can be as personal and customized as you’d like. So, does your dad appreciate the finer things in life? Is he a true gentleman? Then get him a silver case with his initials engraved on the side. Is he a bit more casual? Is he really into vintage comic books? Then get him a case covered in tiny vintage comic book clippings. You can get as creative as you want. The best part is, you’ll be giving him something that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also serves a function.

  2. Compact Cufflink Carrier – Whether or not your father attends a great deal of formal events, or as he may put it “fancy shmancy parties,” cufflinks are going to be a staple piece in an outfit for said formal event. With that in mind, why not consider getting him a compact cufflink carrier? Cufflinks are small and easy to lose, so help your dad out by providing him with a place, other than his pocket, to put them in. You’ll be saving his cufflinks and the fifty dollars that those cufflinks cost. On top of the cufflink case, you could slip in a new pair of cufflinks as a gift as well.

  3. Simple Watch Stand – Time seems to be one thing we never have enough of, at least that’s what your dad will say. So to help him keep time, why not get him a watch stand? Watch stands not only help to keep those watches together in one place, but they also help in keeping their shape. Keep his watches looking great and help him to be a bite more punctual with a watch stand. You can purchase them online or make one yourself, the choice is entirely up to you. We can guarantee you, he’ll be thankful for it.

  4. Grill Set Holder – When it’s time for your dad to shine, the grill comes out. Grilling season is your dad’s favorite season. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the fourth of July or for a football game, your dad is going to break out his best cuts and seasoning to throw on the grill. So help the grill master keep his grilling station immaculate with a grill set holder. Where else would a master grill chef hang his tongs, baster, and grill brush? Add a rustic touch to the outdoors with a wooden grill set holder, and your dad’s famous barbecue ribs won’t be the only conversation highlights. Happy grilling!

  5. Vinyl Record Bowls – This is the coolest idea ever! If your dad has some records he’s not particularly fond of or he’s got some records that are too scratched to listen to anymore, instead of throwing them in the trash, turn them into cool, decorative serving bowls! They make a great addition to any living room display. So when it comes time to entertain the guests at the next Super Bowl viewing party, keep the chips and dip in a vinyl record bowl. It’s OK to keep the cheese dip in “The Greatest Hits of the Bee Gees” bowl. We promise not to tell anyone.


  7. On the Wall Bottle Opener – Bottle openers have gone missing in more households than TV remotes and keys. OK, well, that may not be backed up by statistics but it’s a fairly commonly misplaced household item, nonetheless. To combat this issue, it seems prudent to invest in a bottle opener that isn’t easy to lose. So why not get a bottle opener to mount on the kitchen wall? It’s a bit more difficult to misplace something nailed into the wall. It not only functions as a sturdy, irreplaceable bottle opener but it can also serve as an interesting, decorative piece of modern art. If you’re into that sort of thing. Give a gift that can’t be easily lost and when people begin asking questions just call it the household statement piece.

  8. Homemade Whipped Shaving Cream – You’ve always thought your dad was a good looking fellow. You want to make sure he knows just how good he looks, or how good he could look if he just trimmed that soup catcher of his. So how about you give him the kind of gift that keeps him looking the best he can possible be? Give him some homemade, whipped shaving cream. It’s easy to make, easy to use, and easy to keep fresh. Pair it with a nice razor and a post-shave cleaning cloth and you’ve got a father’s day gift fit for a king. Keep your “old man” looking handsome and distinguished. After all, it’s not too far of a stretch!

  9. Keep an Eye on that Tie-Eyeglass Case – When it comes time for the reading glasses to come out and/or come off for the night, it’s a wise idea to keep those glasses in a safe place. Sure anyone can own a plastic glasses case found at the Dollar Store, nowadays, but very few people can lay claim to fame in owning a cases made out of a tie. It’s easy to make and even easier to use! All you need to make it is an old work tie, a seam ripper, and an adhesive clip-on button. It’s that simple to make! Just be careful when giving it to your old man. Remember, it’s not a tie for wearing, it’s a seeing-eye tie! This one is a fun gift to give!

  10. Infused Liquor Mason Jars – Ever heard of that saying, “He loves the sauce?” Well, that could explain the old man’s fascination with exotic alcohols and daring flavors. With this in mind, you might be thinking it would be a good idea to give him a nice bottle of whiskey or a vintage wine; but how about you give him something a little more creative? With these infused mason jars, you can brew all kinds of exotic tasting and liquors to give to your dad this Father’s Day. Some popular flavor ideas are strawberry infused vodka, mango infused tequila, spiced rum, and a homemade coffee liqueur. A good five or six mason jars filled with infused liquors is quite a gift, so why not up it to ten or twelve?

  11. Magnetic Knife Rack – If your father is a master chef in need of an entertaining twirl to his culinary art, then a magnetic knife rack is just the thing to give. Now, it may not be the most safety conscious gifts to give, but it does add a certain panache to the dining experience in the home. The knife rack itself can be in any style you choose, any colors and textures you choose, but in order for this to work it must be magnetized! You can hang it on the wall or keep it on the counter but as long as the magnets within it remain strong, you’ve got a winning gift to give this year! Just make sure your dad remembers how to use it and is careful in the kitchen with his shiny, sharp friends.

  12. Homemade Flavored Cooking Salts – In keeping with the grilling and cooking theme, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to research some additional DIYs that may aid in the cooking adventures of the many master chef fathers in the world. -And- we found something rather interesting. Homemade, flavored cooking salts are a new cooking trend in the DIY community. To make these delicious cooking aids you will need to purchase a great deal amount of salt and whatever flavorings you think will work well together. If you don’t know where to begin with flavor combinations, we have a few suggestions for you. Bourbon infused salt, wine infused salt, parmesan infused salt, and even mandarin orange infused salt are all excellent combinations for the culinary fathers out there.

  13. A Grilling Apron – Now don’t go searching for an apron that says “Kiss the Cook” or “World’s Greatest Dad.” Instead, find a blank apron to decorate! Make it special, make it customizable. If your father is a Star Trek fan, then create an apron that highlights his love for the show. If he’s a man of simplicity, put a nice trim on the edge along with the pockets and call it good. It’s the thought that counts in this one, and the more personal touches you can add to it, the better. We’ll include a tutorial or two at the bottom of the page for some inspiration.

  14. Invisible Bookends – These are incredibly clever. Take two bookends that look like books and put them at either side of the actual books your father owns on the bookshelf. Clever, isn’t it? It’s quite easy to find these invisible bookends online, but it is also considered fairly easy to make. So keep your father’s bookshelf looking as magical as he is with these invisible bookends. It’s a clever gift that deserves a clever owner. Have fun breaking the laws of physics with this one!

Father’s Day does more than just celebrate the wonderful dads in the world, it celebrates the sacrifices fathers make everyday to make their children’s dreams come true. Your father may be strict, he may be old-fashioned, and yes he may be stubborn; but you love him just the same. So show him just how much you love him with these thirteen, handmade and DIY Father’s Day gifts; and tell him how much you love him, so he never forgets. Happy Father’s Day everyone! We hope to see smiling faces this holiday!

Written by: Ella Ford


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