Trend alert: Would you wear Hawaiian styles??

It’s summertime, you might not make it to the sandy beaches of Hawaii, but would you wear a Hawaiian print?  Hula’s, Pineapples, and more.  Designers like Altuzarra was inspired by his travels to Waikiki and incorporated hibiscus flowers, palm trees parrots and flamingos into his Spring 2012 collection.  Other designers like Proenza Schouler and Stella McCartney used fun Hawaiian prints in their collections.  Would you join in?  Here are a few options from the Artfire site to check out. I love retro tops like this for men.  Keep the rest basic with a pair of khaki shorts and some leather sandals or bright flip flops.  Hawaiian Shirt, $42.50 I love everything about this dress!  It’s vintage, but it would so be something that ladies could rock right now and look like they bought it at a store.  I’d say this is so cute that you could dress it up or down with flip flops to high heels.  It’s a perfect travel dress.  Since the print is so bold I wouldn’t do a lot of accessories.  Keep it simple.  Let the print do the talking.  Vintage 70’s tropical print dress, $54.  

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