Trend Scene: Polka Dots for Fall

For some reason I always think of the polka dot trend as a spring trend, but recently the style has been popping up everywhere, from clothing with mixed print combinations to nail art.

There are so many cute designs for polka dot nail art… do a search on Google or Pinterest to find some fun ideas!

Interesting information I found out from the Lauren Conrad website about polka dots: “Well ladies, I researched the matter and was surprised to find that there is a supposed relation to the origins of thepolka dance! Who knew? Apparently, the print was popular right when polka music and dancing were all the rage. And the rest is history… ” How to wear polka dots: The fun thing with polka dots is they can be worn from head to toe. You can go as easy and simple as a scarf to a full on, classic dress like, let’s say what Julia Roberts wore on Pretty Woman. Polka dots are such a classic print that you can have in your closet forever. My favorite color combos for polka dots are: navy & white, brown & ivory and black & white. I don’t really like the red & black look that much… but to each their own! đŸ™‚ Street style: It’s fun to be inspired by how people are wearing the trend on the streets.  Here are a few ways I think it would be fun to try out the polka dot trend. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tights here. It makes it such a fun way to wear the trend! Keep everything else basic and just go with it. I like how the third image shows a black and white sheer polka dot skirt that could have felt really granny-esque, but edged it out with the leather jacket and jewelry. The last street style look is just classic. I thought I’d share some runway looks as well because that is where the inspiration starts, the designer runways. How do you plan on wearing your polka dots? Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities


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    Nana O'Brien

    I love polka dots. Especially us plus size girl’s. I’m glad their in even though I would wear it any way. Love the article. Now I can wear it more.

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