Unique Pumpkins

Traditional jack-o-lanterns are great, but let’s be honest, they can get a little boring. Here are some different ideas on how you can up your pumpkin decorating skills.

Stylish Stickers & Painted Pumpkins

SVG files are usually used to make t-shirts and stickers, but why not turn them into pumpkin decals?  These (and the many other Halloween svg files on ArtFire) would make great pumpkin faces and are sure to impress your trick-or-treaters.  BONUS- no cutting means the pumpkin will last longer and you may be able to make a different design to celebrate Fall or Thanksgiving!  You can also use the “negative” part of an svg cutout as a stencil to paint your pumpkin.  Give it a try!

Glamorous Gourds

If you want to go crazy with glam, here’s what you will need:

Foam pumpkin

Flat backed plastic rhinestones (or buttons, beads, anything sparkly)

Collage clay

Plastic knife


Cover your work space with newspaper.  Working in small areas, use your knife to cover ¼ of your pumpkin in a thin layer of collage clay.  Cover the clay with the rhinestones, buttons, and/or beads.  Continue the process until the entire pumpkin is covered. Let it dry and enjoy your glitzy gourd for years to come!

If you just want a little glam, you can use regular white glue to adhere just a few jewels on a real or foam pumpkin.

Crocheted Cuteness

If you are looking for a fast and fun fall craft, you found it! Click below for a tutorial on how to create your own crocheted pumpkin.

A Patch of Pumpkins

This is another simple but great project. Get together with a group of friends, or gather your kids and make your own patch of painted wooden pumpkins.

If you try any of these unique techniques, we’d love for you to share your results with us!

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