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One of my favorite holiday gifts, especially for those hard-to-shop-for friends and relatives, is unique, handmade soaps. Everybody’s got a guest bathroom or two to furnish, and laying out some creative soaps for display and use goes a long way towards making your house a home for everyone that visits! During my holiday gift buying, I took a look on Artfire to see what the seller community could offer me, and I was really impressed by the wide variety of cool artisan soap choices available. Here are a few of my favorites, although be warned, some of these highly popular soaps have sold out for the season, but will be available again after the 1st of the year!

Sandalwood Soap with Pure Gold Leaf Accents

Image © Soapsmith 2011

These beautiful bars of sandalwood soap with pure gold leaf accents are unfortunately among the sold-out designs this holiday season, but I had to include them anyway. They almost look more like bars of caramel than bars of soap, and would be a lovely addition to a guest or master bath with a darker, warmer theme.

Cupcake Soaps

Image © normasbathandbody 2009

Speaking of soap that looks like something you could eat, take a look at these adorable little cupcake soaps from seller normasbathandbody! These little cuties come in packs of 6 apiece, and at only $23.94, I’d say that’s a steal. I’d have to be extra careful about where I decided to put these though – might accidentally mistake them for a sweet treat one of those groggy mornings before work. O_o

Steampunk Glycerin Soap

Image © Soapsmith 2012

“Wow” is all I have to say about this bar of steampunk glycerin soap from seller Soapsmith. While it too is sold out for the holiday season, I can think of more than a few people for whom this would make a great birthday gift in 2013 – check out the detail on those gears! And with an alluring amber scent, I’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with nerdy inclinations that’d be unwilling to show this off in their guest bathroom.

 Fresh Tomato Soap

Image © KarensSoaps 2009

There are all kinds of fruity-smelling soaps up for grabs in the Artfire seller community, but what about…tomato? Seller KarensSoaps bills this soapy concoction as smelling like “fresh tomato plant leaves”, so if you’re looking for an unconventional yet yummy-smelling soap to put out for your guests, this would do the trick!

Hunter’s Scent-Masking Soap

As long as we’re talking about unconventional-smelling soaps, how about this Hunter’s Scent-Masking soap from seller appalachianheritagesoaps? “Uncle Jake’s Hunting Soap” is designed to smell like the musky woods of Appalachia, and according to a happy customer in West Virginia, “Shower with this soap, wash your hair with this soap, and then mulch leaves while wearing your coveralls. I did that last year and a deer walked up on ME!”

Emerald Gemstone Soap

Image © Soapsmith 2012

Only one more soap from seller Soapsmith this post, I promise! I just can’t get over this stunning emerald gemstone soap, which, according to the seller, is cast in molds made from actual geodes. How cool is that?!

Pumpkin Spice Soap Rolls

Image © sensualscentsations 2012

Last but certainly far from least on this list of interesting and creative soap gift ideas are these pumpkin spice soap rolls from seller sensualscentsations. These rolls are designed to look like the different layers of a pumpkin pie, and have dashes of real cinnamon throughout the top layer! It was really hard to choose between profiling these rolls and sensualscentsations’ single-use fall leaf soap, but since pumpkin pie is just a little more winter-y than maple leaves, I had to choose the rolls. Hope these unique and creative soaps have inspired you all in your gift-giving decision-making this holiday season!

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    Bonnie Bartley, Soapsmith

    Thanks for the kind and generous remarks, I am truly honored. Thanks to ArtFire, it has been an amazing selling season. Handmade soap makes marvelous gifts, for sure!

    Bonnie Klisiewicz Bartley, Soapsmith

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