Upcycling Your Rug (infographic)

Upcycling, or Creative reuse, is the process of taking materials or products that are no longer wanted or needed and through creativity, transforming them into works of art, items of home decoration, or something else useful.

It’s seen a resurgence in recent years, with repurposing becoming more popular as we become more aware of the limit of our resources and the impact we have on the earth as a species.

Repurposed bullet casings into tassel earrings. (Photo via SomewhitherArts)

With sites like Pinterest, you can now get plenty of ideas for upcycling your unwanted items. At The Rug Seller, we decided to take a look into what old rugs could be creatively turned into. It was quite surprising how many options there were, but in this infographic we dig into just a few. We’ll show you how to turn your rug into an accessory for your favourite outfit, how to make it into something to keep your cat occupied and how to revamp it for more use as a rug.

If you’re looking to repurpose one of your old rugs, or even something else in your home, we hope this will give you some inspiration to get creative and try something new. What have you got to lose?

 Upcycling Your Rug Infographic Upcycling Your Rug Infographic by The Rug Seller

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