V-Day DIY Ideas

Valentine’s Day is one short week away, and now’s the time to start thinking about what you plan to give the special someone (or someones) in your life. While many people resort to buying their valentines gifts, I think something handmade can go a lot farther towards showing someone you care about them, don’t you? Luckily for everyone that loves to craft, there are thousands of fantastic Valentine’s Day DIY gift ideas out there, and here are a few of my favorites!

Paper Airplane Love Notes

Paperman – Walt Disney Films First off, if any of you haven’t seen the above animated short from Disney, stop reading this article, watch it, then continue, and you’ll see exactly why I think these paper airplane love letters are such an adorable idea. Simply print out the template, jot down a note to your sweetheart, fold up the plane, and send your message into flight!

Pull-Out Photo Album

Who doesn’t like couple-y photo booth pictures? I mean really, no couple I’ve ever known has been able to resist putting them on display, and this cute pull-out photo album is a clever alternative to the normal photo strip!

Scratch-Off Valentines

I think the idea of making your own scratch-off Valentine’s Day cards is a fantastic alternative to the cheesy Hallmark cards many people flock to the store to buy every  February 14th. This DIY project not only gives you the template for the cards, but also tells you how to make your own scratch-off material (think metallic acrylic paint and dishwashing liquid). Very cool.

Heart-Shaped Pot Holders

My mom is the type of mom to have a potholder set for every holiday or occasion, and I can’t wait to finish up this super cute Valentine’s Day set for her this year! These heart-shaped potholders will add a little extra love to your kitchen this year, and everything from a supplies list to a template is outlined in the step-by-step tutorial.

Knitted Catnip Hearts

Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be for the humans in your life! These adorable little kitty-sized catnip knit hearts from Martha Stewart are a great way to show your feline companions a little love this V-Day, and the instructions are simple and direct for all you knitters out there.

Movie Basket

For those of you planning on a quiet night in this February the 14th, why not add a little romance to the mix by putting together a movie night box? Couple mini bottles of champagne, his or her favorite movie, a “menu” for the evening, and some snacks could make that quiet night in a fun night in as well.

Feather Bouquet

Being someone that thinks flowers can get a little cliche after a while, I love love love the idea of this feather bouquet from Country Living. All you need are some broad white feathers, a glass bottle or mason jar, an ink pad, and some alphabet stamps, and you can send your sweetheart whatever message you’d like in an artistic, creative, and enduring way.

Hanging Bonbon Hearts

These little bonbon-filled hanging hearts would be such a cute way to wake up your little ones this Valentine’s Day. I know I certainly would have been thrilled as a kid to wake up and find candy ready and waiting for me on my door or wall!

Homemade Spice Rubs

Stumped as to what to get your man this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than this awesome homemade spice rub idea from Better Homes and Gardens! Bottling up a yummy jerk or herb rub (and possibly supplying a steak or two) could definitely help set the mood for a romantic V-Day dinner in.

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    thanks for the great ideas for v-day! i found out about artfire after reading the time magazine article about etsy. i am glad there are sites like you that truly embrace what “handmade” means.

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