Vintage Shopping on Artfire

It’s fun to get lost sometimes on Artfire in the Vintage shopping area.  It’s like going to a thrift store without having to deal with all of the racks and people.  Just sitting in the comfort of your home and going to any category you like.  Since I never know what I may find I usually just search all and go for it:)  Here are a few items that caught my eye today.  What are your favorite vintage items to find? I have so many vintage patterns.  One day I really plan on getting some fabric and actually making something.  Then, it would be truly unique and no one else would have it!  Until then, I thought I’d share a fun pattern I saw that would so fit in with the boho styles you can find at any store today.  $7.39 I love finding vintage designs like this Louis Feraud Vintage 80s Designer Animal Print Dress that is still relevant today but even more CHIC since they are vintage!:)  Also, great price at $59! These type of assorted doilies would be great to nab up because they are perfect for DIY projects!  Believe it or not, I’ve seen these similar type of doilies make a bolero jacket!!  Or with the new collar trend you could use the long doily to create a faux collar.  You never know what you can do with these great vintage finds.  $27 for all 4. You might not use a tray like this for food these days, but it would be really fun to use this to separate jewelry or cosmetics.  Thoughts?  Only $10. This jacket is just amazing and unique so I had to share!  I could so see a celeb like Nicole Richie wearing this or adding this to her Winter Collection.  But, this is only $38. Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

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