Ways Artfire sellers are recycling items to make new ones

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It’s always exciting to see how creative someone can get with recycling or upcycling items they already own.  Here are a few items I found on Artfire that stood out.  What do you like to use?   I love notebooks, so this is a really great idea for me.  Have a ton of old VHS in your garage and trying to figure out what to do with them?  I think this is a perfect idea!  Turn your favorite covers into notebooks or give them as gifts.  It’s a great theme gift or back to school gift!  And you are recycling!:)  Now to figure out what to do with the VHS:)  Recycled Notebooks, $8. I remember thinking these type of wallets were really cool when I was younger:)  I think this would be a cool gift for a middle schooler to spark their creativity and show all the fun ways to recycle.  I think I would still even use something like this if it was made with a magazine clipping:)  Newspaper wallet, $5.  While searching I found that there are fashion magazine wallets!!!:)  Someone read my mind:)   Well, had to share those too of course:) These just take clipboards to another level!  They are perfect for your tech friend!  Made of recycled circuit boards.  Only $15.50! What a cool way to recycle already recycled plastic bags!  This way you never have to use the store plastic bags and the plastic bags they had are used in a way that will hopefully not need to be thrown away for a while.  Plus, the price is amazing!  Only $5!  The seller makes bags in various sizes.  I love this size personally:) How cool is this!?  The seller made a handbag out of a place mat!  These are genius and on sale for ONLY $8.50!  These are so on trend right now!  I might need to get one:)  

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