Ways to Create a Garden Living Wall

Although there are many ways you can make gardening an interesting solution for many of your curb appeal needs, but some projects are better than others.

Ways to Create a Garden Living Wall5

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There are quite a few ways you can make your garden look interesting, from simple gardening to a whole lot more.  Creating a living wall of plants is not all that hard, specifically if you know what the shape, size and space you have available is as well as whether you plan on doing this indoors or outdoors.  Working with this will make it easier for you to make your gardening efforts pay off.
    Ways to Create a Garden Living Wall4  
  • Living walls can be made by using picture frames for example, so if you have any good plants around the garden this would be an excellent opportunity to make this work.
  • Using pallets for smaller spaces will also be a good solution, as it will allow the plants to grow in a vertical fashion, such as in a small yard or on a balcony.  You can use plants and string art to make living walls, mixing them together to make for a great gardening solution you can rely upon.
  • Making an herb garden with pallets will be something you can really benefit from if you mix plants on the living wall.  White-painted pallets with some great pots placed in a vertical position would help create a wall you can use with ease.
  • You can also use frames in an H-shape to make a more interesting visual approach. Buying a frame will let you set thing up fairly fast, especially if you have some nice plants to work with.
  • Wall planter with mason jars you will have a perfect solution to what you will plan on doing.  Making use of your wall mounted kitchen planters will be one way of making a living wall.  This is something you will need to consider if you want to have a nice herbal garden you you can grow freely.
  • Create a good looking wreath of plants as a season look you can use for the walls.  Evergreens are a good choice if you want to make it count.  It will make this worth the effort, as the evergreens will require less gardening and landscaping work.
  • You can also use panels to hold plants on, making a literal picture frame of plants and flowers.  This is a bit hard to do on your own, so if you need to you will have a chance to work with gardening professionals to pull off the job.
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When it comes down to it all of the previous examples will work for your gardening space, but allowing it to enjoy an aesthetically beautiful garden space.

This should still take some care, but it will be well worth it as you can make your home a better place without wasting effort and time, making use of smaller spaces in the best way as time moves on.

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