Welcome to ArtFire!

Founded in 2008, ArtFire.com is one of the most popular online marketplaces.  Let us show you why you may want to make the switch from one of those “other” sites to ArtFire.

What Can I Sell on ArtFire?

ArtFire is a marketplace where millions of people around the world connect to make, buy, and sell unique goods. You can sell handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies on ArtFire.

Promotional Tools

We take all the hassle out of building a website! All your items are automatically shared to the major search engines!  In addition to the marketing that ArtFire provides, you can bring some extra attention to your items by adding additional promotions by using Google Shopping or ArtFire Promoted Items.

Share your items on social media and build a loyal following. Customize your shop and organize your custom shop categories.

Low Cost

Select the plan that’s right for you with no long term commitment. We offer 3 plans to choose from and you can change your plan any time you want. List a few items for just .23¢ each or stock your shop with thousands of items for a low monthly cost

Easy to Transfer

If you have spent a lot of time setting up an online store on another platform, you probably don’t revel in the thought of going through that process again.  Lucky for you, if you choose our Popular Shop or Featured Shop you are able to use the ArtFire CSV Importer.  This feature allows you to upload your items using a CSV file.

Shipping Control

ArtFire merchants handle their own shipping.  How does this benefit you? You have complete control!  You decide which company you want to use, what method of shipping you want to use, and when things will be shipped.

Community & Education

Connect with makers and artisans around the world and learn easy techniques to promote your work in our online forums.

ArtFire is home to thousands of amazing makers and artisans and we’re all waiting for you to join us and share your creativity with our amazing community!

Live Help

All emails sent to ArtFire Customer Support receive a reply sent by a human being, not an auto generated email sent by a computer.

As a member of the ArtFire community you have a voice. We bring a unique perspective with us when serving your needs. Our founder started as a seller on large online venues and learned firsthand the challenges that sellers face when “partnering” with a marketplace venue.

At ArtFire, the member is the mission. Support is delivered through interaction in, and engagement of the community. We focus on creating time saving tools for the community and features essential to running a profitable business.

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