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If you have recently visited the local craft or home goods store, you have probably seen your fair share of welcome signs. They are the perfect way to add warmth to any front porch. The problem is, they can be pricey! Lucky for you, ArtFire has a solution…

The great thing about welcome signs is that they are easy to make and fully customizable.  Whether you are looking to have one for each holiday/season or want one that can be used all year round, this quick project is something anyone can do.  Here’s what you will need:

  1. 6’ x 8” plank of wood (usually runs right around $15 at the hardware store)
  2. Letters (these can be precut wood letters, painted on, or stickers)
  3. Wood glue (if you are using wood letters)
  4. Paint or stain
  5. Embellishments is that is the look you are going for (twine, holiday decor)

After gathering your supplies you will first need to stain or paint your plank of wood.  The fun thing about this project is that you really can create something extremely simple, or let your imagination run wild.  You can go simple or whimsical, seasonal or year round.

While your plank is drying, you can paint your letters.  Next, attach you letters to your plank using wood glue.

If you don’t have the time or energy to make a sign for every season, you can opt to make one with an interchangeable letter like the one above.  For this sign we glued down everything but the “O”. For the “O” we stapled velcro to the plank and also to the back of the snowflake so we can change it out with every season.  We made a pumpkin for Fall, a heart for February, clover for March, colorful egg for April, and so on. We also make a regular “O” for months that do not have a holiday.

No matter what style board you decide to make, it will definitely make your entryway more welcoming.

Don’t have time to make your own? Check out these Welcome Signs by our ArtFire makers.


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    Glad to be here. My work is fabric.

  • Reply October 24, 2019


    Wow! These look great. I love the tall Halloween signs, and the one with the blue snowflake in place of the letter O. I found your page, by the way, looking around for some fun inspiration for a halloween party we’re throwing at our home this year.
    BTW, saw this guide for putting up a Lightbox wall art framed print that totally fits the Halloween color theme. https://www.betterthanplaster.com/making-impression-with-lightbox
    Whereas your welcome signs are very outdoors related, this new frame design goes really well indoors, and lights up any room its in. And a good number of the prints are fantastic for the holiday season.

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