What Can I Sell on ArtFire?

ArtFire boasts several fun filled boutiques that are full of unique items and handmade gifts for special occasions, your home, family, and friends! ArtFire Boutiques feature one-of-kind creations by independent artists, small businesses, and makers from around the world. 

So what exactly can you sell on ArtFire?  Let us show you.

Jewelry- Designer bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and unique adornments directly from creative artisans and independent handmade jewelers.  Our artisans also offer watches, brooches, clips, and jewelry sets.

Weddings- Brides and grooms-to-be visit our Weddings Boutique to find bridal party gifts, guest books, wedding favors, veils, rings, and more.  If you are a maker of beautiful wedding items, this boutique is for you.

Children’s – This boutique features kid-approved items for the littlest people in our lives.  Our Children’s Boutique hosts toys, games, clothing, accessories, carriers, playhouses, and more! 

Clothing & Accessories –  This boutique is for all of you fashion and style gurus.  Our merchants offer: clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, scarves, dresses, belts, wraps, socks, and hair items.  If you can wear it, this is where you can list it.

Craft Supplies – Our Craft Supplies Boutique is exploding with arts and crafts supplies for every project imaginable.  This boutique is home to tools and supplies for: jewelry & beading, candle making, leather crafts, fabric, frames, home improvement, scrapbooking, soap making, glass, clay, food, sewing, hat making, floral, woodworking, metal crafting, fiber & textile, drawing & painting.  We have it all!

Entertainment – This boutique has items for writers, photographers, the tech savvy, the book worm, the hostess, and the kid at heart.  With everything from camera straps to serving platters, phone cases to cornhole boards, this boutique is home to all things entertaining.

Home & Living – Our Home & Living Boutique is “home” to all things house related: home decor, pet supplies, bath & beauty, art & collectibles, party supplies, lighting, kitchen & dining, and office.  

Products on ArtFire.com are currently listed into specific top-level categories based on how the product is made. Your product listing must not misrepresent to buyers the origin or condition of the product. The follow guidelines can be used to help determine the most appropriate top-level category for your listings:


Items must be altered to add value by the merchant using handmade or finished components. Digital items or items printed by a merchant that include licensed imagery are considered commercial works and must be listed in the commercial top-level category.

Fine Art

Item’s copyright is owned by the merchant. Items may include original works or quality reproductions made by the merchant or qualified third party.


Item’s copyright is owned by the merchant who is selling authorized digital or physical reproductions of their own work. Any media whose copyright is not owned by a merchant should be listed in the commercial top-level category or vintage category depending on age.


Item must be designed by the merchant. Third party manufacturing of the merchant’s original designs is acceptable.


Item must be at least 20 years old and have some collectible or artistic value.

Craft Supplies

Item must be a traditional craft supply or manipulated and packaged with the intent to be a craft supply.


Item is not on the list of Prohibited Items and does not otherwise violate the Terms of Use. The sale of commercial items includes a commission modifier, see the Fees section of details.

Loopholes / Passthroughs: Items that are considered by ArtFire to be loopholes or passthroughs attempting to circumvent the category guidelines may be removed or recategorized at ArtFire.com’s discretion without notice.

For a list of prohibited items, please review our Terms of Use. 

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