What music inspires your designs?

Guest Blogger: Natasha of Fashionalities

I’ve always felt that music and fashion go hand in hand.  I personally get more creative when their is music involved.  And in every fashion focused situation I’ve been in from fashion shows to styling a shoot, music is always involved in some way.

Image from Classy and Effortless blog

Even well known design houses like Burberry musical inspirations/muses.  Right now Burberry’s muse is Marika Hackman.  It’s interesting because using fashion labels use well-known actors, musicians etc…but, for Burberry to choose an unknown artist is pretty risque and I love it!

Hackman is a young British singer who was found through her youtube video.  It’s amazing how people are found these days!  This just shows that you can be inspired by everything and to utilize all of your free resources online.  You might not use an up and coming artist to be in your campaign.  But, maybe their unique style (musical artists always seem to have incredible personal style) will spark a design idea you would have never thought of.  Or maybe the lyrics in their song will remind you of something or someone which can reflect in your collection.

Fashion Rocks is a great presentation which airs on CBS to showcase how “fashion and music collide.”   It seems like you can’t have one without the other.  Either the musician’s style has an influence on trends, or designers collections.  Or the artist is made by what they are wearing and how it reflects on their music.  It works both ways, and I love that.

Do you have any music you listen to while designing or searching for vintage items to sell on your site?  Tell us in the comment section.

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