What to do with those old Cassette Tapes

Guest Blog by Jennifer Diana    

We all have a few cassette tapes stashed around the house.  Maybe they have your favorite songs on them, or you just hate to throw things away.

Here are some cool ideas on what do with those outdated cassettes.


This table lamp is made out of clear cassette tapes.


They create a unique glow, especially when multiple lamps are positioned around a room.


It was a cool idea to line this chair with cassette tapes. The walk man attached to the side really adds interest to this piece.


These would make cool coat racks in a music studio.


Interesting wall sculpture utilizing cassette tapes in a monochromatic layout.


A cassette tape makes a unique coin purse.


As well as a notebook.


Not sure how many people would be into this belt buckle, but it is creative.


If you’re not into the actual cassettes themselves, the tape can be just as useful in your craft and design projects.  Here the tape was used to create crocheted doily designs.


This tape looks like a natural medium to create a portrait of Jimi Hendrix.

Have you ever looked at your old cassette tapes and started thinking up craft projects?

Cassettes on ArtFire


  • Reply February 20, 2012


    I love the Jimmy Portrait!

  • Reply February 22, 2012


    Very creative! Lots of good ideas on how to use up our old
    stand-by’s!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply February 27, 2012


    I still listen to mine LOL
    Seriously though, these are very interesting, creative ideas. I personally love the lamps.

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