White Elephant Gifts

Over the last few years, I’ve participated in a bunch of different white elephant gift exchanges.  I love walking away from them with an item I loved and never would have thought to buy for myself.  Or an item that makes me laugh!  This year, I’m bringing this to my work white elephant party, and I’m pretty sure the lucky recipient is going to love it.  So, I’ve decided to comb through Artfire and find some unique little gifts that might pleasantly surprise someone at your white elephant gift exchange!

Han Solo Crochet Doll

Image © deadcraft

Even if this gift didn’t end up going to someone who loved Star Wars, certainly they’d love the look of this little crochet figure! The seller, deadcraft, has many other crochet figures that might strike your fancy better than Han Solo.

Scrap Metal Wall-E

This image © artfromsteel

Wall-E remains as one of my favorite movies of all time.  The music was beautiful, the story was touching, and the characters were adorable.  This Wall-E sculpture from seller artfromsteel would make a great desk ornament.  This is another seller that has a huge catalog of different sculptures, if you don’t think Wall-E would suit your White Elephant!

Party Glasses


These martini glasses were lovingly hand painted into unique (and vibrant) party glasses that you can be sure no one else will own!  I’m pretty sure that any drink you pour into this glass will automatically taste better due to its surroundings.

Mini Squids

This image © ObeyMyBrain

Mini squids!  What else do I need to say?  You have 10 colors to choose from, and I would be very surprised if the recipient of the little critter didn’t love it.  This is another gift that would be perfect as a desk decoration.  The seller, ObeyMyBrain, has a ton of other awesome gifts in his store as well.

Sushi Candles

This image © DoubleBrush

These candles were crafted with as much love as a sushi roll at any high end restaurant, though they probably won’t taste as good.  I would be hesitant to burn these, and would instead prefer to display them, if I were to receive them as a gift.  Seller DoubleBrush has a pretty big selection of sushi candles if you’re looking for more variety/colors.  Added bonus; they don’t smell like sushi when you burn them!

Mustache On A Stick

This image © WonderlandPartyExpress

I bet you didn’t know it was possible to win a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Well, here’s your secret weapon!  Your instant win!  Who but the most grinch-like of gift receivers would not be thrilled to open this package of mustaches on sticks? These are especially useful when you want someone to take you seriously during a meeting. The seller, WonderlandPartyExpress, has a ton of other awesome gift ideas, including lips, top hats, and bowties.  All on sticks.  All awesome. My White Elephant exchanges tend to cap the limit around 25 dollars, but even if your party limit is much lower, I hope this list gave you new ideas for things to surprise your coworkers, friends, or family with!

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