Who is ArtFire.com?

Who Is ArtFire

ArtFire.com is a marketplace based out of Tucson, Arizona.  We have been connecting makers, crafters, collectors, and buyers from around the world since 2008. From handmade jewelry and crafts to vintage clothing and supplies, you’ll find whatever your creative heart desires. As an interactive handmade marketplace and craft community, our mission is to support your business and your brand with innovative features and functions. So who is ArtFire.com? You are!

ArtFire Handmade Marketplace

Who are ArtFire.com Sellers?

Every item listed on ArtFire.com is sold by an independent artist, small business, or maker. We have sellers from all around the world as well as people from your own community. Show millions of online shoppers what you’re made of! We take the hassle out of selling online so that you can spend more time creating and running your business. Open your shop in minutes!

Who are ArtFire.com Sellers?

Who are ArtFire Buyers?

ArtFire.com has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a crochet pattern to make that perfect gift, or you are searching for a handmade knife, ArtFire has what you are looking for. Find unique items and handmade gifts for special occasions, your home, family, and friends. ArtFire Boutiques feature creations by independent artists, small businesses and makers from around the world. Shopping on ArtFire.com is easy, see for yourself!

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