Your Guide to Listing Items on ArtFire

So you just joined ArtFire and you want to start listing items… but you are a little nervous.  Let us ease your fears and walk you through the process.

Step 1- List an Item

Log into your ArtFire account and click on the “Manage My Shop” icon.  From the dropdown, select “Listings” and then “List an Item”.

Step 2- Upload Image(s)

Once on this screen you will need to upload at least one photo.  It is important to use a HIGH QUALITY and attractive image. Using something that is out of focus or that is on a distracting background is not recommended. The optimal image size is 500 px x 500 px.  After uploading your image(s), you can add a caption. When you are done, YOU MUST CLICK “Save Images and Captions” in the lower right side of your screen.

Step 3- Item Name, Price, Quantity, & Color

This next step is describing the item which is especially important for when potential customers are searching for an item.  Be sure to use at least 25 characters in your description to help your item index on Google. Also make sure to use descriptive words that will grab people’s attention and make your item easy to find (soft, handmade, unique, Easter,…)  You will also set the price of the item and the quantity available. Quantity means how many you have available for sale. Last, you will select the primary color of your item.

Step 4- About This Item

Tell us a little bit about your item.  First, who made the item? Next, when was it made?  Item description is up next. Take your time and really give your item a creative description.  This is what your potential buyers will see when looking at your item. Make it catchy and unique!  After your description you have the option of adding: inspiration, more info, and materials. Again, remember that you are trying to appeal to your future customers.  Give them any fun information about your product here.

Step 5- Shop Section, Categories & Options

Shop Sections help you organize your items and help shoppers locate items.  You can create several sections that will help group your items. For example, if you make jewelry, you can have “rings”, “necklaces”, “bracelets” as sections..  

Categories is how ArtFire sorts it’s items.  You can select up to two categories to list our items under.  Each top category has listing requirements. If you are unsure where to list your items, be sure to read our ArtFire Terms of Use for guidelines.

Checkout Options –

ArtFire can automatically calculate taxes for you and add it to your sales price upon checkout- this amount will be included in the payment received from the buyer. You may also elect to independently collect taxes, which means that you will be calculating outside of the ArtFire system. All ArtFire sellers are responsible for filing and paying collected sales tax with their state based on their nexus. 

Recipient is used to select the age and gender that the item has been crafted for.

Contains Mature Content must be checked if your item is intended for adults due to language or imagery that falls outside of the traditional acceptable standards for broadcast television.  If your item is deemed mature and you have not selected this option, your shop may be permanently blocked.

Material is where you list what materials were used to craft your item.

Pattern is used to describe the pattern of your item (stripes, polka dot, paisley,…)

Step 6- Properties & Variants 

If you subscribe to The Popular Shop or the Featured Shop, you can now add variants.  Variants allow you to add variations of item properties such as size, style, type, length, width, height and more and combine similar inventory items in a single listing.  

Step 7- Shipping

ArtFire merchants are in charge of their own shipping, therefore they are in charge of their own shipping options.  You are able to set different prices for different locations, or you can have one flat rate. Be sure to check with your local shipping company for rates before setting your prices.

Step 8- Tags, Holiday, & Promo Label

Selecting a holiday association puts your item in that holiday or season’s gift guide. If your item would make a great Christmas gift and it’s getting to be that time of year, you can select the “Christmas” option without worrying about whether your item has a Christmas theme.

Adding the promo option will add a small promotional message to your item. The promo label displays in search results and can entice buyers to click on your item.  Examples of promo labels are: Free Gift, Free Shipping, Coupon, Sale, Buy One Get One.

Use descriptive words to make your items appear in relevant searches. Tags are separated by comma. Example “clothing, shirt, silk”. You may use a maximum of 5 tags per item.

Step 9- Intellectual Property

As an ArtFire merchant you are required to select one of the 3 Intellectual Property options.  These were put into place to protect artists from copyright infringement. Please make sure that you have the legal right to sell the items you are listing on our site.

After checking the applicable box you will need to click either “List” or “List and Promote”.  Both options take your item live, but List and Promote will add ArtFire Promotions to your item.  Promoted Items are $0.50 per 500 Impressions per item. When activating this feature, your items are shown to shoppers more frequently than other items, leading to more views of your items. 

We hope this guide has eased any apprehension you had about adding items to your shop!

Happy Listing!

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