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Welcome to the ArtFire Entertainment Boutique featuring trend-setting, tech-savvy makers and independent handmade business owners who specialize in a work hard, play hard attitude. Are you not entertained? You will be.


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We all have that tech savvy friend with their wireless headphones, head-mounted GoPro camera, and camera slung on their shoulder. They're going live, twitching, and tweeting, and could use some organization. What about a beautiful camera bag with those extra pockets? How about a handmade leather headphone holder? Our savvy sellers have the ultimate gift.
  • Gifts for Writers

    Writer's block can strike at any time. Give the gift of inspiration to write their next mystery novel. Maybe they will even write you in as a character.

  • Tech Gifts

    For all those tech savvy people with cords hanging out of every part of them as if they are plugged into something themselves.

  • Gifts for Photographers

    We all have a photographer friend who carries their camera with them wherever they go. Get them a gift only a true shutterbug would love.

  • Gifts for Bookworms

    They've read every single harry potter book, and have folds in every book they own. Help them keep their place with a handmade bookmark from one of our literary crafters.

  • What's New - Entertainment Boutique

    It seems like a new phone or gadget comes out every minute these days. Good thing our makers have the latest accessories to get you covered.

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    We're a team of of artists, photographers, designers, and chefs ourselves. You can trust us on these picks.

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