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Welcome the ArtFire Jewelry Boutique. From druzy designs to glistening gemstones, our artisan jewelry makers shine bright. Find that one unique handmade jewelry piece to rule them all.


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In search of the best BFF necklace for you and your bestie? Is your anniversary or even monthiversary coming up? Whether you're looking for a gemstone for the special gem in your life or searching for the perfect mother's day gift, we've got you covered whatever the occasion. Our hand-selected jewelry gift ideas are sure to charm.
  • Gifts for Her

    Show her you care with a gift as beautiful and sparking as her personality. These gift ideas are crystal clear.

  • Gifts for Him

    Whoever said men are hard to shop for obviously never shopped handmade. Get him something he will wear for every occasion.

    • Steampunk Ring Jeweled Watch HIGH Spring...
      $USD 145.00
    • Steampunk Cuff Bracelet, Neo Victorian, Art...
      $USD 119.49
    • Mens Necklace Wolf Necklace Feather Jack...
      $USD 24.00
    • Handmade fine silver rune stone necklace
      Rune stone necklace- handmade fine silver...
      $USD 58.00
    • Outrigger canoe love to paddle leather necklace
      Outrigger canoe paddler necklace - sterling...
      $USD 34.00
    • Unisex Leather and Copper Wire Wrapped Cuff...
      $USD 65.00
    • Mens Jewelry horn pendant on leather
      Mens Jewellery Horn Pendant Necklace on...
      $USD 42.00
    • 14K White Gold Satin Finish 6mm Wide Hand...
      $USD 1,049.00
    • Personalized jewelry
      Custom Men's Bracelet. Leather Bracelet with...
      $USD 39.00
    • Earrings for Men
      Black Huggie Hoops for Men. Cartilage, Tragus,...
      $USD 15.00
    • mens black hoop earrings
      Men's black steel hoop earrings, 153
      $USD 16.75
    • Bentwood Ring Cherry with Turquoise Inlay
      Bentwood Ring Cherry with Turquoise Inlay
      $USD 110.00
    • Petite Omega - Steampunk Ring
      $USD 85.00
    • Steampunk Cufflinks - Vintage Watch Movement...
      $USD 25.00
    • Titanium Ring, Wooden Deer Antler, Mens...
      $USD 465.00
    • sterling silver man's ring band with flush set...
      $USD 195.00
    • Men's Bracelet - Men's Leather Bracelet -...
      $USD 28.00
    • Mens Necklace Lava Necklace
      Lava Pendant Necklace Men's Leather Necklace
      $USD 40.00
    • MKD Men's Tibetan silver leather bracelet...
      $USD 14.99
    • Damascus Steel Ring
      $USD 39.99
    • Biker Ring silver Vintage brass air Force...
      $USD 68.00
    • Wooden Men's Bamboo Watch Set Engraved Custom...
      $USD 79.55
    • Men Anklet - Men Ankle bracelet - Anklet for...
      $USD 23.50
    • Copper Crescent Moon Leather Necklace
      Indie Jewelry Crescent Moon Jewelry Leather...
      $USD 20.95
    • Custom Handmade knives-Beautiful Damascus...
      $USD 30.00
      $USD 66.00
    • 10 karat Gold Roman Centurion Mens sterling...
      $USD 175.00
  • Gifts for Moms

    Get your mother the gift she will love above all else, other than a phone call.

  • Gifts for Best Friends

    You and your bestie do everything together. Why not grab some matching charm necklaces to show the world you are BFF status?

  • What's New - Jewelry Boutique

    From vintage to modern, these jewelry makers know all about how to be trendsetters.

  • Jewelry Boutique Staff Picks

    These handmade jewelry crafters have caught our eye, or maybe that was just the shine of these radiant gems and jewels...

    • Inspirational Jewelry
      Heart Jewelry, Follow Your Heart...
      $USD 48.00
    • Friendship charm
      Pixel Heart Necklaces, Friendship Necklaces,...
      $USD 23.95
    • Karaoke Enthusiast Microphone Necklace
      Microphone Necklace For Karaoke Enthusiast...
      $USD 23.00
    • Pure Bronze Cat Pin, Unique Design
      Cat Pin or Brooch, Modern Design- Pure Bronze,...
      $USD 105.00
    • Tambourine earrings
      Tambourine Earrings Silver and Gold Round...
      $USD 29.00
    • Vintage White Jade Fine Silver Ring
      $USD 45.00
    • Steampunk Gold Jewelry Set Necklace Earrings...
      $USD 76.00
    • Moon Crater 2.0 Copper Cuff Bracelet
      Wide Copper Cuff Bracelet Moon Crater 2.0...
      $USD 175.00
    • Love Silk Wrap Bracelet
      Jewelry Gift for Teens, Teenage Girl Gifts,...
      $USD 48.00
    • Steampunk Fold Formed Crinkle Necklace
      Handmade Steampunk Drusy Agate Fold Formed...
      $USD 225.00
    • Rafflesia Ruffle Big Silver Cocktail Ring
      Labradorite Ruffle Big Silver Cocktail Ring...
      $USD 475.00
    • Embroidered necklace, Embroidered pendant,elephant
      Embroidered necklace, Embroidered pendant,elephant
      $USD 39.00
    • Falling Rain • Sterling Silver Ring • US...
      $USD 52.00

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