ArtFire Seller Spotlights

We are on the lookout for sellers to feature in our Seller Spotlights and Social Media channels, and want to hear your story!

Got business savvy tips to share? Want to show the world who you are and what your business is all about? We're all ears.

The goal of Seller Spotlights is simple: Drive traffic to ArtFire and Inspire makers and artisans to start or improve their online artisan business.

The benefit of being selected to be featured is fourfold:

  1. Social Media Promotion throgh all channels
  2. A Feature on The ArtFire Blog
  3. Email Newsletter Feature to all subscribers
  4. A on your ArtFire Shop
If you see this artifact you know that the artisan has been through a juried review process and of the items listed in their shop are made by hand by the Artisan. This artifact is the symbol of total commitment to making with your own two hands. That commitment is very special, and it deserves recognition. Learn More...

We're looking for sellers with strong branding, beautiful products and photos, and an inspirational story to share. We want to see you get your hands dirty, experience your workplace and creative process first hand, and promote your business.

"We're looking for sellers with the complete package; Independent, handmade artisan business owners that ArtFire members can relate to, and hopefully inspire them in their own business venture"

  - John Jacobs, ArtFire CEO

While not all shops will make the cut, we have some tips to help you rise above in review:

  1. Create Search-Friendly Titles and Descriptions for Shoppers to Find

    • Create descriptive item titles that contain the important keywords in the beginning.
    • Get into detail with your description, focus on keywords, and the benefit of you item.
    • Use all 5 Tags available to you while listing an item with relevant keywords.
    • Fill out the Inspiration Story behind your products.
  2. Get your Photography Dialed In

    • It's all about catching a shopper's eye. Use stylized images to make a strong first impression.
    • Use all 10 available photos for each item. Show your product's details and lifestyle use.
    • Take crisp, focused images with little to no clutter.
    • Use props to allow the shopper to image themselves using your item.
    • Check out our ArtFire Success Series - Product Photography Guide
  3. Have Strong Branding

    • Your identity should be cohesive, recognizable, and follow you around the web.
    • Use uniform logos, graphics and photography thorough your site.
    • Use your Bio to talk about your brand.
  4. Tell Your Story

    • Be relatable. Get down to earth to show other sellers your journey.
    • Share how you got started; Your dreams, aspirations, and goals.
    • Share your workspace and tools. We want to see you get your hands dirty with a work in progress.
    • Upload behind the scenes images and one of a kind items in your Gallery.

While we are constantly on the lookout for independent makers to feature, we are also accepting applications. If you want the extra exposure, promotion, and accolades that a seller spotlight provides, we'd love for you to take a moment and fill out a brief application. We will then send the data to our content development team to review. We are specifically looking for 500+ words of article content (how you started, some of your struggles, your inspiration, advice for newbies, etc.), 30 second video footage, 5-8 high resolution images of you working, your studio space, your work, etc., or a tutorial/how-to or progress piece.

Apply for our Seller Spotlights.

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