2ndChanceMetalArt's Profile

2nd Chance Metal Art is the brainchild of artist and metal fabricator Eric Harty. Following his lifelong love for creating unique and unusual pieces, he traded in his pen and sketchpad for a torch and welder and forged what has become an eclectic collection of work. Just as drawing was second nature to Mr. Harty, he discovered the same symbiotic relationship with welding and metal forming. He often describes his process as, "drawing with fire" and upon viewing his works, it is very evident he has mastered his technique. Beginning with recycled and re-purposed jewelry and continuing on to large, illuminated custom sculptures for clients, Mr. Harty has secured a coveted place in the art community and has developed an international following through sales and social media. Mr. Harty's attention to detail, willingness to work with clients and propensity for pushing creative boundaries leave his audience wanting more. 2nd Chance Metal Art's sites may be viewed at : Instagram - @2ndchancemetalart Facebook - 2nd Chance Metal Art Etsy - 2ndChanceMetal Art https://www.etsy.com/shop/2ndChanceMetalArt?page=2

Fire and Steel