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I'm just your average 33yr old guy, living so far below what is deemed as poverty level, it's not even funny!... Well maybe just a little, LOL :) If you can't laugh at yourself or your situation once in a while, as dismal & depressing as things may be, you're not going to have a very happy life! I've been doing many various forms of art for as long as i can remember, mostly as a hobby & gifts for friends and family; and have been repeatedly told that I do vary nice work, and should definitely be selling some of it!! So here I am, going to give the selling thing a try & see if my friends/family are right! Hope you enjoy all the hand made items, personally created one at a time by me. There aren't any duplicates, each peice is one off. Enjoy!

Wood... Mostly wood as Pyrography is the art of Burning intricate images into peices of wood or leather. I also use reeds strangle vines & Cedar bark for my hand woven baskets. Some metal stone glass and any other substrate that I feel drawn to use.