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Helo, my dear Friends!

My name is Anna Karpus, I live in Ukraine ( Zaporozhye). And almost 5 years I am a Decor and Decoupage Artist. My happy story started with a frivolous hobby, when I decorated my first wooden decoupage box, and little by little, my project for fun became a real hand-made business. And now I create tender jewelry boxes, sweet kitchenware and some interior detailes. Also in my Shop I sell vintage items, such us : brooches, laces, doilies.

I enjoy Vintage and Rerto. And all my works were crafed with inspiration through Belle Epoque, Edwardian, Victorian eras, Art-Deco and Art nouveau. All my Decor was created with Love and Аrdor.

I hope, that you enjoy my crafts!

Shabby Chic old cottage french cottage vintage edwardian victorian art deco art nouveau