ArtJewelryClassics' Profile

Born in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame City, Cleveland, OH, I have had a passion for art and design (and rock music) since childhood. With scholarships,I attended the venerable Cleveland Institute of Art and was daily inspired by magnificent Cleveland Museum of Art which is across the street. But life happened to me, as it does to all of us--with no parental support for my career choice, I ran out of money for school, went to work cooking in hotels, married and had a large, talented family to raise. Art went by wayside, until I fell in love with Steve who is even more creative and technically adept than me, and who encouraged me to again take up the dreams of my youth. I started my online jewelry shop in 2011, and have been pleased to bring you the Artfire version. My reasonably priced, well-crafted jewelry is about style and history, and it rocks!

Yours truly, Evangeline Gray, ArtJewelryClassics

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