ArtistTree's Profile

Artist Tree Curios is a magical variety store of curious creations either handmade or hand selected by artist Tree Pruitt.

Creating crafts, paintings, and collecting magical mysterious old objects have been life long interests of mine. Since childhood I've enjoyed using things that I'd find to create my own unique expressions. I'm an entirely self-taught artist, having studied art history and techniques on my own via book stores, libraries, and personal trial. I learned many craft techniques by crafting along side my mother, grandmother, and Native American friends. I strive to use high quality materials, and when I do use reclaimed and/or natural materials I make sure they are clean; all wood sticks are heat sanitized. Recycling and up-cycling are important to me, and that shows in the variety of items that I create. I like to take the things that I've learned over the years and mix it all together to find new things to craft, paint, or draw mainly because I have such fun doing it! I'm glad to be able to share my creations and make them available to others.

One of the things that I enjoy making most is jewelry. I offer handmade jewelry and jewelry components made with stones, natural materials, brass, copper, and silver wire. All of the work is done by hand with simple tools; I never use a wire jig. When I make hammered metal pieces I use a small hammer that my grandfather used to create his own jewelry during the Second World War era. My metalwork is finished generally with a coat of quality preservation wax, though I do leave some pieces uncoated so that other artists may find it easy to incorporate the component into their own work. My hammered copper findings and charms are often enjoy by assemblage artists as well as jewelry artists to incorporate into their own pieces. I never use plastic beads, but am very fond of gemstone and glass. Most of my jewelry is inspired by the ancient Greek Minoans of Crete, Native American cultures, and modern metaphysical beliefs.

I've studied fine art, conservation methods, anthropology, and the occult for over 30 years, leading me to focus much of my creative time on ritual tool making; Wood wands for magick and ceremonial meditation rattles are my areas of specialty where I often enjoy using primitive North American methods pre-dating the 1900's with my own interpretation of style. I am also a Pagan hedge witch, therefore all of my ritual tools are crafted within a positive phase of the Moon and with loving attention. I enjoy adding a touch of metaphysical magic to everything that I do, including making good luck charms and wire wrapped stone amulets.

In addition to fine art paintings I paint spiritual themed and totem animal wildlife stones. These stones are called Spiritkeepers Stones. I only paint spiritual symbols and totem animal images on these rocks. Many of them are paperweight sized. Some are painted as Wicca altar pentacles, and all are carefully coated with a protective clear varnish.

wood stone paint quartz crystal copper silver wire fossils vintage Czech beads leather bone paper