ColorFactory's Profile

Created and made with love with respect to nature We value and protect nature here in one of the greenest and forested regions of the Baltic. We love the forest that is why we try to reuse and handle extra care for the resources of our forests. Wood that seems useless and is thrown away by others, takes on a new life here.

My parents used to play with wooden toys and to us kids, they seemed boring and ugly. I used to be particularly excited in my childhood when I would be given a colorful plastic toy because I simply did not understand the warmth and beauty of natural wood. But times have changed, plastic is now polluting our planet and we came to appreciate wood. We need something natural, heart-warming and real. And that is precisely wood: it is alive and pure. We do not cut down full trees to make a toy but rather use what‘s already been left behind by others and can no longer be used for grand projects. I reuse old oak, pine and maple planks, old wooden things, branches found in the forest after storms, old trees from my own garden that are no longer able to rear fruit. All of this is the most suiting material for new wooden creations.

Woodworking is my passion, I have a small woodwork studio where I create children‘s toys, homeware decorations, presents for celebrations and birthdays. Since my studio is little and my wood supply is always different, there are no two identical creations. Each and every one is unique and different just like the nature that surrounds us. I only use eco-friendly and natural wood and glue when crafting. No chemical paint or varnish ever touches my creations. All wood has to breathe, continue on living and unveil its unique patterns. Therefore, with great content in my heart, I am here to share what I love and appreciate.