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Hello! My name is Kalena. I am currently an apothecary student, and live off-grid at the edge of the Olympic National Forest. My life is a colorful collection of plants and assorted tinctures in various stages festooned with pretty yarn and an eclectic assortment of crafting supplies surrounded by little kid doodles and video games. Since I was a small child, I have had an interest in plants and their various possible uses, but only became serious about learning how to utilize them in place of pharmaceuticals when my little boy was diagnosed with autism, and I began to realize just how fragile his system is. That's also why I began to try my hand at my own lotions and essential oil blends.

My entrance into the world of handmade goodies started with me being taught to crochet and knit around 8 years old. And my grandmother who taught me can be at least partially blamed for my yarn hording tendencies. Most of my hobbies have been "collected," that is, seeing someone else doing them, or seeing what they have made and thinking, "Oh cool, I want to do that." So far, the only one that continues to elude my learning is shuttle tatting.

Yarn crochet hooks knitting needles wire roving paper beads thread metal various plants and essential oils beeswax tincture bottles