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From Velvet Chokers, to Leather Cord Necklaces and Wrap Bracelets, to Extender Chains and Magnetic Clasp Converters, and more, my Custom-Made-to-Order jewelry is Handmade in the U.S.A.!

I dipped my toe in the eCommerce pool on eBay in the late 90's, and have since branched out to a number of other venues/marketplaces, including ARTFIRE. I have made and shipped over 3,000 velvet chokers, and over 4,000 leather cord jewelry items to happy customers around the world... some even resell my items in their own shops/stores/at live events, either "as is" or after adding their own pendants, embellishments, etc. I am always happy to work with other artisans! :)

Having found I almost always had to choose between the size that fit the way I wanted, or the color I actually liked, or having the main color I liked only being available with an accent color I didn't like, etc., I created my items with the idea that I would wait to actually make them until after they were purchased, so customers could choose the specific combination of size, color(s), etc. that they wanted.... and to offer more than just the few choices typically available (black or burgundy for velvet chokers, black, brown or natural/tan for leather cord, silver tone or gold tone for hardware, etc.). I now offer more than 80 colors of Leather Cord, in up to three different diameters, with buyer-specified lengths and as many as 9 clasp/hardware color choices, as well as dozens of Velvet Choker colors in widths ranging from 3/16 of an inch to 2 inches, and at least 5 clasp/hardware colors... and much more.

My shop on ArtFire is a work-in-progress; I am in the process of updating pictures and descriptions, as well as finally adding the individual options as selectable choices in the purchase flow; this possibility was a long-time-coming to the ArtFire site, so these updates will take some time for me to implement, as it will mean completely revamping the way my items are listed here.

If you have questions, suggestions, or special requests, just let me know! :)

Leather Cord Velvet Ribbon