The Association of Historical Studies “KORYVANTES” is a contemporary Cultural Organisation, a world-class revolutionalry reenactors society devoted in researching and applying experimentally the Military Heritage of the Hellenic worlds from the Bronze Age to the late Byzantium.

The Association was founded in 2009 by people with a background in the study of ancient Greek and Byzantine warfare who were not satisfied by the level of reconstructions undertaken so far in Greece and internationally and who wished to ultimately adopt a framework based on experimental archaeological methodology and test established and new theories in ancient and medieval warfare.

A key direction for the Association is the development of a unique Intellectual Property focusing on ancient/medieval Hellenic warfare, shared among all interested parties and for all types of activities: academic, experimental, educational, technical and athletic.

Just how the Coryvas Dracon was protecing knowledge, the KORYVANTES Association work is protecting and keeping alive the 33-centuries long tradition of heavily armed Greeks.

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