My name is Elena. The world of creativity and a hobby for me is the world where I feel like the true professional. Art of a doll, Teddie's bears, fulling of wool, knitting, handmade clothes are types of activity which directly concerned my life. I do dolls, I sew clothes, I am able to drag from wool and also I am a collector of antiquarian, vintage and author's dolls and their plush friends. I have many diplomas of both domestic, and international exhibitions as participants. Therefore I know, how much is an author's thing and as it is correct to present it. In my opinion to opinion, in a century of all fakes and uniformity, the author's doll takes place to be and eat with a remarkable gift, a memorable thing for any person. Handmade dolls – decoration of any interior: houses, shop, salon. Dolls can be simple, textile and exclusive – only in the world, without copies; dressed in ancient and modern clothes, expensive dresses and national dresses. It is a fine gift as ornament for any interior of the house. Whether often you met such interesting offers in shops? I do not think. But I think very few people will resist from temptation to have what others do not have.

Полимерная глина только натуральные материалы и краски.