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Comalytics B2B Ecommerce

The definition of a business to business electronic trade is generally known as B2B eCommerce — characterizes the promoting, selling, and dissemination of items starting with one business then onto the next through various online channels.

What are the benefits of opting for B2B e-commerce software?

Get the opportunity to showcase your products quicker and with no shrouded expenses.

You can start selling sooner than you think. Our CEO - Jannie Du Toit gives you individual consideration in the set-up stage and your online manager at Comalytics takes you to live within a month. Our methodology is adaptable and nimble, and we fit our product to your business needs. We likewise deal with your site facilitating, SSL endorsement, support, programming redesigns or amendments, reinforcements, and server upkeep. What's more, since we are situated in South Africa which means you will get all these extras at an affordable rate.