NuritNiskala's Profile

After NDE I started working professionally in the jewelry business around three decades ago, but have always been exposed to the art to wear of making a piece of jewelry. My jewelry is handcrafted one piece at a time or in limited series, no two are exactly alike.

My Designs Were Created...

TO IMPRESS Each piece is a statement and a conversation piece. It's up to you to keep us a well-guarded secret or share with your BFF and the world and the world.

TO LAST My timeless designs demand the best recycled materials and craftsmanship which must pass our stringent sample selection and personal wear tests.

WITH A PURPOSE I'm always listen to my customers about what you love and want. Every piece is meant to compliment your style with a magical finishing touch.

WITH A PASSION I absolutely adore art, earthy, organic, and recycle used in our jewelry. I strive for a stylish and experience-rich loving life.

Together we need to respect our earth we living in. Please visit my SOUL 2 SOUL DESIGNS

Recycled metal freshwater pearls unique gemstones and shells.