OliveLeafStencils' Profile

Hello, my name is Olive and I am an illustrator and visual artist. I grew up surrounded and inspired by the natural beauty of the northeastern United States, and my many trips to Southern France, Italy, and the British Isles. In 2010 I began a series of original artworks based on forests, birds, and beaches, and decided to enlarge a few and stencil them onto walls in my home. Visitors were so enthusiastic about the large blossoms in my kitchen and quirky cuttlefish over my workspace that it wasn’t long before Olive Leaf Stencils was born. I love the feeling of warmth and natural elegance that expressions of nature in my home brings, and it is the mission of Olive Leaf Stencils to inspire everyone to make an ordinary room in their home feel like an enchanted forest.

My website: https://oliveleafstencils.com