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I am a self taught glass artist who loves what I do. I have always been mesmerized by the beauty of glass & do what I do for the love of the materials and the process. I started working with glass when I was 18 years old. I walked into a glass studio and was so taken by the beauty and the work that I left the shop that day with supplies and a beginners book and I have been working with glass ever since. I worked with stained glass and mosaics for several years. In Christmas of 98' I received my first Kiln. Since that time I have been completely captivated by the effect of heat on glass and it’s many possibilities. I was fortunate enough in 2011 to take private lessons with lampwork artist Robert Jenick. Robert won Bead and Buttons Bead Dreams contest twice. Taking 1st place in 2008 and 2nd place in 2010. I have also been learning some simple metal working and wire weaving and now have a big focus on upcycled and recycled.

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