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Knitting is more than just a hobby it’s my passion, my therapy, my stress management and fun all wrapped into one. Here’s how PreciousKnits began.

It all started with a scarf! Yes, a scarf.

It was winter and I huddled on my couch with my yarn, needles and instruction booklet. After quite a few frustrating hours reading the instructions over and over and a few trips to watch youtube a knitter was born.

I opened my shop, PreciousKnits, because I needed to do something with all the projects I was knitting. I had already made enough scarves, hats and mittens to clothe an army and since a day without knitting is NOT an option for me I needed to find a solution. A friend suggested Etsy and here I am 7 years later and still knitting.

My husband has allowed me to follow my passion and Etsy has given me a place to share it with others. I can honestly say that I love my job!

Best Wishes, Lindsey

Email: PreciousKnitsShop

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