RedDragonJewelry's Profile

My name is Susan, and I have been making jewelry for over 25 years, and selling online professionally for 5 years. I especially enjoy taking timeless classic designs and dreaming up new twists to them. I derive a lot of inspiration from the colors and symmetry I observe in nature. I am particularly partial to bead weaving as I am an avid fan of order, and I incorporate both sterling silver and natural gemstone beads and pendants into my pieces. I strive to produce novel, quality made, professional A+ level jewelry pieces which reflect great attention to detail. If it isn't perfect, I won't sell it. Each of my items is thoughtfully gift wrapped prior to shipping to my customers in a timely manner.

precious and semi-precious gemstone beads and pendants precious and semi-precious metals and beads premium European and Japanese glass beads amber resin Swavovski Austrian crystals